Does Naperville's new mayor love puppy mills?

Does Naperville's new mayor love puppy mills?

If you love animals and live in Naperville, hold on for a bumpy ride. It looks like Naperville’s new mayor won’t be moving forward anytime soon on banning the sale of puppy mill dogs and kitten mill cats in pet stores. Why would I think that? Mayor Steve Chirico has just appointed one of Petland’s owners – Mike Isaac – to the finance committee. Yikes!

Does Naperville’s new mayor love puppy mills or what?

With all the publicity that has swarmed around Petland and the source of the puppies they sell for a fortune in their store, why would any public official think this is a good move?

The appointment hit the news this week and according to an article in the Chicago Tribune on the appointment, the mayor has no issues with Isaac’s business (or the $1,000 campaign contribution he received from Isaac).

“With the Financial Advisory Board, it had more to do with their skills,” Chirico said, adding that he didn’t ask about the applicants’ positions on issues outside the panels’ specific focus. “I don’t think that’s important or applicable to what we’re trying to do.”

PetlandWeimaranerCool – can we load up city committees with strip club and adult book store owners as long as they are good businessmen and women?

Of course not! That would never happen, especially not in Naperville, because it’s about more than your skills.

When you appoint someone, it’s about who they are and what they represent every bit as much as it is about what skills they bring to the table.

Is Mike Isaac a good businessman? If it’s all about making a big buck and having a showplace for a house, I guess so. But, if you’re going to be representing a community, especially one that takes pride on being such a great family place to live, it’s also about who you are and what you represent.

The approval of this appointment has been postponed until August 11th. Before a decision is made, I challenge Mayor Chirico and his “committee” to walk into to Petland with their smart phones and start Googling the breeders that supply their dogs. Look at the USDA reports. Google his business and read the stories about the sick dogs they’ve had for sale and sold to unsuspecting consumers.

Do you want someone making a buck off consumer fraud and animal cruelty representing your community?

I wouldn’t.

TailI don’t even live in Naperville and my blood is running cold at the thought of it.

Last year, I dubbed Naperville the Puppy Mill Outlet Capital. That sparked outrage and a debate at the city council meeting where the council listened to testimony about Petland and Happiness is Pets and where they source their dogs (see story) – puppy mills. They heard from those active in rescue and animal welfare and learned about unwanted pets left behind and those needing a home. (More coverage.)

While Chicago and Cook County manned up and did the right thing by passing laws that outlaw the sale of puppy mill dogs in pet stores, Naperville decided to wait and see. Wait and see how lawsuits filed against both the city and the county panned out. Wait and see who was elected to the new city council.

Well now we know and now have a very good idea where the pet store debate stands with the new city council. Take that mothers in the mills.

If you’re unhappy, reach out to city officials and let them know how you feel and where you stand on the pet store issue. Challenge them to check out a humane model at Dog Patch Pet and Feed. Keep the issue in the spotlight to get Naperville on a more progressive path. You can be heard by reaching out and respectfully and professionally providing your opinion to the following:

And, if you’ve purchased a sick dog from Petland, I know some folks that would love to hear your story. You can reach them at

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