Alice in Chains: Cat rescued from underpass fence recovering

Alice in Chains: Cat rescued from underpass fence recovering
Alice in Chains was first spotted on the top of this fence beneath an underpass. She had freed herself, but was still trapped until rescuers came by. Photo Courtesy of Alexis Mansfield.

Yesterday ended up being a lucky day for a little black cat abandoned and trapped underneath the Diversey overpass in Chicago. Thanks to some networking on Facebook and quick work by rescuers, Alice in Chains – the cat rescued from the underpass fence – is now recovering, resting and getting ready to head off to foster care. And, her rescuers are working to repay the organization that stepped up to pay her vet bills.

Alice’s story all started when a post hit Tree House’s Community Cat page about a little black cat stuck on the top of a chain link fence underneath the Diversey overpass. Alexis Manfield, a Tree House volunteer, was nearby and went to check out the situation with her husband.

“That area really is an island, surrounded by streets, and you often see homeless people congregating there,” says Mansfield. “We don’t know how she got there because there is so much traffic there. Maybe she was dumped from a car, we just don’t know. People were pointing at the cat and moving on, but no one stopped.”


The cat rescued from the underpass fence, Alice in Chains, settles in after being rescued.

Mansfield and her husband did stop. They grabbed a cat carrier and a can of food from their car before heading up the embankment to see what they could do. They found a frightened cat that had gotten down from the top of the fence, but was scared and pressed up against the fence…trying to find safety during a very frightening moment.

“We didn’t know if this cat was feral or friendly and we were trying to figure out the best way to catch her,” says Mansfield. “Then an amazing thing happened. She saw the carrier, slouched low to the ground and ran into it as quickly as she could. She hunkered down inside and looked up at us with a look that clearly said, “now get me out of here.” We couldn’t stop laughing, even though it was a serious situation. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a cat go into a carrier with such little fuss.”

At the vet, Alice in Chains – the cat rescued from the underpass fence – continued to be very affectionate. She was dirty and a bit shaken up, but in good shape with the exception of her injuries from being trapped on the fence. She had no microchip or other markings to show that she’d come through another rescue organization or veterinary clinic.

“She did limp at the vets office and Xrays showed that she two broken toes. She also had eye injuries that were from being stuck in the fence and trying to free herself,” adds Mansfield. “She is very affectionate and doing well today…but she’s not happy about the cone or the cast and is probably in pain. She’s about a year old and we do need to keep her quiet while she heals.”

Alice in Chains is starting to recover today and isn't fond of the the Cone of Shame or the Cast. She is very cute though.

Alice in Chains is starting to recover today and isn’t fond of the the Cone of Shame or the Cast. She is very cute though.

Alice’s story started on a posting page for Tree House and thanks to Tree House Humane Society, she will be getting a happy ending as well. The group is very active in saving Chicago’s sick, injured and abandoned cats and agreed to take Alice into their program. The organization tapped into their special fund set aside to pay vet bills for abandoned kitties to help pay her bills.

“We are so grateful for that Tree House has this fund to help cats so we were able to get treatment for her quickly,” says Mansfield. “We want to make sure that there continues to be money in that fund for future cats in need. We’ve set up a Crowdrise fund so that we can pay the fund back.”

This time of year, the extra funding will help so many cats. It’s kitten season and Tree House and other groups are taking in lots of kittens everyday. They also take in many of the injured and sick cats that other rescues are not able to save.

“Alice in Chains is really a rock star and she will have a cool little rock star scar around her eye when she recovers,” adds Mansfield. “She has a great personality and a great story and should find a home very quickly when she is well enough to be adopted.”

Thanks to all the people who networked the post on Friday night…and…who also came up with a very fitting name for the little cat that beat the odds to make it to rescue.

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