Petland: The entrepreneurial spirit of cruelty

Petland: The entrepreneurial spirit of cruelty
Puppies at the Naperville Petland.

The press release arrived in my inbox this afternoon touting the top franchises in the country according to Entrepreneur magazine.  The release generated by my buddies at Petland patted themselves on the back for hitting the top 500 (at 442) and moving up 29 spots from last year. How heartbreaking that Petland is touting their success in the entrepreneurial spirit of cruelty.

How sad is this?

If you’re not familiar with this particular franchise, then it’s time to get schooled.  Petland isn’t just a pet store it’s a pet store that deals in the sale of puppy mill dogs and kitten mill cats. They are warm, cuddly bundles of consumer fraud masquerading as cute fluffy kittens and puppies.

If you are inclined to walk into Petland, you’d see lots of kennels with lots of pets up for sale. Very young puppies and kittens, many not in the best of health. However, where they are now in that store is a far cry from where they were originally. The puppies and kittens sold at Petland come from puppy mills. If you’ve read my most recent post about my buddies at Naperville’s Petland, the paper trail leads to some of the worst puppy mills.

Who would knowingly buy a dog from a puppy mill?

Very few people.

So that isn’t what they sell when they pitch their product to consumers. In fact, it’s why the entrepreneurial spirit of cruelty shines so bright at Petland. Instead of being straightforward, they make it difficult for a prospective pet owner to find out any information about the dogs and cats they sell.

The breeder information is hidden (although in Illinois it should appear on on near the cage). Petland’s minion salesforce will say that the dog of your choice is hand picked from the best breeders. They say that, and hope you don’t ask for the full paperwork and rush you out the door before you google the breeders on their papers.

Since I’ve been writing this blog, I’ve covered the sick dogs being sold at Petland and the consumers that traced their dog’s origin back to some pretty nasty puppy mills. I’ve talked to people that amassed huge vet bills with their new puppies and people that purchased puppies that died.

And, with more laws being passed that outlaw the sale of dogs and cats in pet stores, you’d think that the party would be over at Petland…that everyone would see what they are hiding…that business would be on the downward spiral.

It may be. But today, sadly they are one of the top 500 businesses listed in Entrepreneur magazine. And, to quote Petland’s Director of Communication Elizabeth Kunzelman from their press release.

“The strength of the Petland franchise system lies within the dedication of our Petland franchisees located around the world. People from across the globe love pets and the Petland brand is the world leader in pet retail.”

No, it lies in consumer fraud and the entrepreneurial spirit of cruelty. In just six weeks, the sale of commercially bred dogs and cats will be prohibited in Chicago pet stores. Hopefully soon more and more communities will follow suit…and then there won’t be a puppy mill store like Petland around to be honored for their entrepreneurial spirit of cruelty.

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