The Grinch Returns Christmas for Cache Creek Animal Rescue

The Grinch Returns Christmas for Cache Creek Animal Rescue
The Grinch tried to steal Christmas from Cache Creek...supporters have helped out in a big way.

There is reason to smile this week after all for a Joliet animal shelter seeking a new home. Earlier this week, Cache Creek Animal Rescue broke the news that it was facing eviction January 10th from its current home. Along with needing a new home, the group needed to raise $50,000 to stay afloat.

Then a Christmas miracle of sorts happened. One by one, various Chicago media outlets picked up the story. Several TV stations, newspapers and radio stations came out to get the story out about Cache Creek Animal Rescue. The story spread along with the GoFundMe link that was created with the long shot hope of the group raising the funds needed to relocate, fix their ailing van and pick up a few other bills.

The shelter also adopts out cats.

The shelter also adopts out cats.

Once the story started to get out, the phone started ringing off the hook, adopters arrived on their doorstep and donations have poured into the online fundraising account. Over $70,000 in donations have rolled in, far surpassing the group’s goal of $50,000. Now, all the group needs is a new home. They are continuing to look in their area for a new place to call home.

I hope someone around Joliet steps up and reaches out to the organization if they have rental space available. Although Santa has delivered a great gift to this group, it still needs a home by January 10th. If you’d like to help Cache Creak Animal Rescue, feel free to check out their GoFundMe Page.

And, if you live in the Joliet area, consider adopting, volunteering, fostering or stepping up in other ways to help pets in need.

Read the previous story here.

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