Cari Meyers' real agenda: Ending puppy mills

Cari Meyers' real agenda: Ending puppy mills

It’s Christmas and just what do you get the girl who has everything. What do you get a girl who spends her free time battling puppy mills and speaking out on homeless cats? I’ll give you a clue – my very own Cari Meyers poster.

I don’t know if they are even available…but I bet we could get a limited printing of the Cari Meyers meme that’s been all over Facebook the past few days. The meme that was the bright idea of PIJAC (the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council – the lobbying organization for the puppy mill industry).

You see. Earlier this year when Cari and animal advocates in Chicago were working to pass ordinances in Chicago and Cook County banning the sale of puppy mill dogs and kitten mill cats in pet stores, PIJAC created a meme aimed at scaring people. The graphic called Cari out for her stance on the sale of puppy mill dogs in pet stores.

It says quite simply –

You won’t, in the near future, see pet stores selling animals. I guarantee that!

The graphic did such a great job as a scare tactic that it went unnoticed until this past week when a supporter of The Puppy Mill Project’s Stateline group saw it on the Rockford Petland page. It was reposted on a page with 42 people as members and then it took off (take that Petland). We didn’t break the internet like Kim Kardashian’s butt…but it did get a lot of shares and views. It was a scare tactic that backfired miserably.

First of all, anyone that knows Cari knows that she’s been fighting to educate about the puppy mill/pet store connection. She’s also been fighting to end the pet store sale of puppy mill dogs and kitten mill cats throughout various Illinois communities.

This is the type of breeder that sells dogs to pet stores.

This is the type of breeder that sells dogs to pet stores.

And, animal advocates are in her court for many reasons – first of all, we know about pet stores and the puppy mill connection. And we also know about the horrors lived everyday by the breeding dogs in puppy mills and the consumer fraud perpetrated by the sale of their puppies to unsuspecting consumers.

Also, rescuers know the statistics of adoptable dogs and cats that are executed in shelters each year because their only crime is not having a home (50 percent of dogs and 70 percent of cats are euthanized).

So, when PIJAC used Cari and her mission as a scare tactic…the support for Cari and her mission grew. PIJAC is a group that is supposed to represent the pet industry…but it’s done a poor job speaking up for the majority of the pet stores that don’t sell pets.

PIJAC has two powerful directors – one from Petland (the largest seller of puppy mill dogs nationally) and one from the Hunte Corporation (the largest broker of puppy mill dogs nationally). While PIJAC supports puppy millls and pet stores and lobbies to keep them in business, they’ve declared war against The Puppy Mill Projects and advocates like Cari. To them, Cari’s mission may be scary, but to the rest of us it’s humane and the only way to go.

So, the graphic as a scare tactic has failed…and it’s succeeded.

Yes, it’s done both.

It’s failed to get more people in PIJAC’s corner while bolstering our position. Now, where can a girl get a poster of Cari for Christmas.

Want to know more about PIJAC read the following:

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