Shelter Dog Kisses: How to Get Yourself Some

Shelter Dog Kisses: How to Get Yourself Some

If you’re looking for love, you don’t need to head to the personal ads. And, if you’re looking for a sweet kiss, a sloppy kiss or just a special kiss…you can get that at the same place – your local animal shelter. But, how do you go about getting Shelter Dog Kisses? A Chicago volunteer has written a special book that will tell you all you need to know.

Susan Russell has joined forces with talented illustrator Greg Steele to get the word out on how to do just that with – Shelter Dog Kisses: How to Get Yourself Some. Russell has been working on the book to get the word out about rescue, loving shelter pets and so much more.

Dogs of all sizes are looking to give out Shelter Dog Kisses...they need volunteers and rescues.

Dogs of all sizes are looking to give out Shelter Dog Kisses…they need volunteers and rescues.

“People were always asking me the secret for getting them (kisses from the dogs). So, I decided to let the cat out of the bag…so to speak,” says Russell. While Shelter Dog Kisses: How to Get Yourself Some gives a lot of good tips on how to get a smooch from a pooch, it has a bigger message. “The book focuses on volunteering, which is vital to saving lives.

Russell volunteers at Chicago Animal Care and Control, Friends of Chicago Animal Care and Control (FCACC) and with Famous Fido. It’s given her an up close view at the work done by so many people to help animals in need.

“I have first hand knowledge of the amazing work people do when they have a common goal – to save lives. But there are simple never enough people,” says Russell. “That is what motivated me. And, the fact that there are a lot of unsung heroes out there and I want to honor them. The goal of the book is to help people understand that there are so many ways to save the lives of homeless animals, just pick one.”

Some of the ways to help include becoming a shelter volunteer or fostering animals in your home until they find a home. You can promote rescue by sharing on social media or lending your party planning or promotional talents to rescue groups. You can also raise money, get supplies or donate…every little bit helps.

Cats and kittens need hel too...but may not be giving many kisses. These two kittens were just rescued from CACC.

Cats and kittens need hel too…but may not be giving many kisses. These two kittens were just rescued from CACC.

Shelter Dog Kisses: How to Get Yourself Some focuses on the dogs needing rescue, but what about shelter cat kisses? How do you get those?

”Although this book is about dogs, the same goes equally for the many homeless cats in the shelters,” adds Russell. “Although scared kitties are not as good at giving kisses, that’s for sure. And some, like my nasty 20-pound calico might only give “disses.” All homeless animals at shelters have a far better chance of finding that coveted second chance if more people volunteer.”

The book may be purchased on Create Space for $8 and all the profit – about $2.75 – goes toward helping shelter animals. The book and a video by Sarah Lauch features the photographs of many shelter volunteers – Josh Feeney, Yvonne Feeney, Sarah Lauch, Michele Simonson, Elisa Marcus, Angie Dowairz Wieczorek, Christine McMahon, Nicole Marie and Lucinda Marie.


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