Honey needs a home

Honey needs a home
Honey had a rough start, but is now settling into a routine - one that should include her very own family.

Honey hasn’t had the easiest start in life. In fact, her road to rescue was long and her wait for finding the right family has been a tad difficult as well. Now, the dog who first made the news when her owners drowned some of her puppies is hoping to find a nice quiet home so she can continue to live the good life that she missed out on the first time around. Honey needs a home.

66 DogsNow, Honey is in search of a quiet home where she can be the star of the show. And, she’s also one of 66 dogs starring in a national art campaigned – The 66 Dogs Project – aimed at helping rescue dogs find a home. Honey is under the care of Peace for Pits and is in a quiet foster home where she is loving living the city life – from her favorite spot on the balcony to the dog beach.

Life wasn’t always like this for Honey. She made the news last year after giving birth to nine puppies. Her owners had drowned four of them before Honey, her mate Marshmallow and her remaining puppies were rescued from the situation. Unfortunately, the ended up in limbo at Chicago Animal Care and Control before her owner’s case went to court. Eventually, they lost and the dogs finally had a chance to get out of the kennels and get some fresh air and people time.

Under the guidance of Safe Humane Chicago, four of the puppies (one had died) and Marshmallow eventually found rescues and were on the road to adoption. For poor Honey, the wait was a bit longer before Peace for Pits stepped in and pulled her from CACC. She’s spent the past few months getting use to freedom and recovering from surgery for a torn ACL.

Now, Honey needs a home.

Honey doesn’t need a lot – just a quiet home and some fresh air for walks. She does best without kids and other pets in the house. If you need a mate to watch movies or to just hang out on the balcony, Honey is your girl. Learn more about her in the video below or email the rescue to learn about adopting her peaceforpitsrescue@gmail.com.

See her story below in the video Honey Needs A Home!

Honey needs a HOME from Sarah Lauch on Vimeo.

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