Q&A with a ChicagoNow blogger: Adventures of the Average Guy

When I first started blogging for ChicagoNow, I didn’t know what to expect. I already read several of the blogs in the platform and was a tad nervous at first. I’ve found a great network that is supportive and challenging as we all tackle blogging, social media, trolls and so much more. Today we are doing a Q&A with a ChicagoNow Blogger Day when each of us where paired with a blogger to interview. I got the opportunity to meet one of our newer bloggersFrank Mazzuca, who writesAdventures of the Average Guy”.

blog-1140-128Frank joined our blogging network a couple of months back and, like me; he’s a marketing person by day and blogger by night and passionate about Chicago all the time. As a new blogger he’s still getting his feet wet, working on topics and getting into the swing of our big, slightly dysfunctional blogging family.

“I feel like I am an adopted blog boy,” says Mazzuca. “Everyone is so helpful and friendly and I am shocked. You don’t see that nowadays. I have only been around for a couple of months but I have already came across so many great people. How cool is it to never met someone but they are willing to help you become successful. It’s really amazing.”

And family is the heart of his blog – Adventures of the Average Guy.  Although he tackles a lot of regular topics – growing up a Southsider – his new baby and his battle to slim down for the new baby and other things family are a big focus for his blog right now. As Frank settles into the roll of new blogger, he’s starting to get his footing and hone in on some topics.

His battle to slim down has been in the spotlight lately. I’ve been struggling with the same thing as of late and do feel his pain and triumph as he starts to whittle away. It’s never an easy battle.

“Every time I look at my baby girl I realize that she is my number one. Sorry to my wife who has been bumped to number two,” says Frank. “I want to be there for her when she grows up. I want to walk her down the aisle when she gets married. I want to chase the boys out. I think the posts are going to motivate me to continue.”

“I am hoping that other people will read and be like I am in that situation too. I am not saying that there is going not to be bad days or weeks here and there but as long as I continue I know I will succeed. I do not want to chase boys out of my daughter’s bedroom on a motorized scooter. I refuse.”

Frank is in the process of building an audience. He already has the headline thing down better than I do – Thank you Potato Chips for My Big Ass. Who doesn’t want to read that especially after adding the chips to my Jimmy John’s the past couple of trips in. And, I love his sense of humor as well.

Frank, who is a Technology marketing guy, also loves the radio end of media. He will be relaunching his radio show/pod cast – The Frank Radio Show – soon. It will be his blog in verbal format. He hopes to start developing segments for both so that he has a broader focus as things move ahead. It’s a challenge that many of us face in blogging.

“ I want to make sure my posts evolve,” says Frank. “Yes, I am fat and I am trying to lose weight. I also know I have a beautiful kid. I want to make sure that there are more than just those stories. Those are great but I have a lot of interesting things to share. At least, that is what I tell myself in the mirror in the morning. I am like I hope people enjoy the posts and think I am funny. Heck, if they thought this guys is a moron I be okay with that to.”

And, I think he’s starting to catch on. I’ve been at it for about 16 months and I know I was a little less regular about posting at first until the blog started to take off.  Frank Is starting to focus on getting his posts up more frequently even though his job and new baby take a bite out of his writing time.

You can read Adventures of the Average Guy and follow him on Twitter as well.

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