Jack Sparrow runs free

Jack Sparrow runs free
Jack Sparrow enjoyed the park and a photo shoot before he ran free. Photo courtesy of Jenny May Stringer of Framed Write Media.

Today, Jack Sparrow runs free.

The sweet dog rescued just a few weeks ago after being beaten with a bat…who lost an eye, had a stroke and then was diagnosed with three forms of cancer has now passed over the Rainbow Bridge. A lot of hearts in animal rescue are breaking and tears are being shed today over the loss of this sweet soul. Today, Jack Sparrow is whole. Today, Jack Sparrow runs free without pain and without fear of ever being beaten again.

I wrote about Jack on Sunday in Jack Sparrow’s bucket list about the terrible start he got in life. But that story told so much more. It was about how some members of the Chicago-area rescue community had stepped up to rescue Jack Sparrow when he came into Waukegan Animal Control. When Wagging Hearts Rescue found out last Friday he had cancer and his time was short, his foster mom and supporters started working on a bucket list.

They hoped to give the dog that had been beaten with a bat and whose eye was destroyed and orbital bone shattered a happy ending even if it was for a short time. Since his rescue he has been loved and adored by anyone who met him. Since his release from the vet last Friday, they started working on showing Jack what a dog’s life was supposed to look like – playing in the park, being loved by children, getting belly rubs, favorite foods and sleeping in bed with those that loved him.

Jack enjoyed a few warm sunny days before he went to the rainbow bridge.

Jack enjoyed a few warm sunny days before he went to the rainbow bridge.

He got all the bacon cheeseburgers he wanted from the magic window and enjoyed a few days in the sun. Jack had a photo shoot and is entered in a contest to be a cover dog (vote here). He never made it to a parade or dog beach or baseball game and many of the other places that were being added to the bucket list. Monica Ryan and the folks from Wagging Hearts Rescue had hoped to give Jack Ryan a few months but it ended up being just days.

Last night, it was announced on his rescue page that Jack Sparrow wasn’t doing well. Today, his rescuers loved him one last time. Captain Jack is no longer paralyzed and no longer missing an eye. There is no more cancer and no more abuse. There is plenty of sunshine and open fields as Jack Sparrow runs free.

Sweet Jack Sparrow, our valiant and gentle boy has gone home to the rainbow bridge carried in the arms of his angels. Pain will never find him again and now his body is once again whole. Running free is all that is left while he romps and plays amongst those waiting to greet him as he sheds the damage of the life he led on Earth. Quality over quantity is what we promised our sweet Jack and during the night he let us know it was time. His body could do no more and his soul needed to be set free.

Yes – Jack Sparrow runs free.

Funds are still being raised for Jack’s vet bills and additional money raised will go to help other dogs in need. Jack will be forever remember in a campaign about animal abuse. And finally, Jack will never need to worry about abuse again because Jack Sparrow runs free.

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