Wagging Hearts Rescue: Jack Sparrow needs help after another setback

Wagging Hearts Rescue: Jack Sparrow needs help after another setback
Jack Sparrow had suffered blunt trauma to the head and lost an eye. He's now had a stroke.

Tonight, a lot of folks in rescue are praying for a special dog by the name of Jack Sparrow. He’s the sweetheart of a dog that ended up at Waukegan Animal Control last weekend as a stray and was taken in by Wagging Hearts Rescue. He came in with an infected eye that turned out to be caused by trauma to his head…he’s now had a stroke thanks to that eye/head trauma and is fighting or survival. (Go here to help.)

Through everything this week, his rescuers say he’s been the sweetest, most gentle souls they’ve met. Unfortunately, he just keeps getting setback after setback. Along with the stroke, there’s concern about some tumors that had been removed that may be cancerous.

Jack Sparrow when he was first rescued by Wagging Hearts. It wasn't known then what has caused his eye to be infected.

Jack Sparrow when he was first rescued by Wagging Hearts Rescue. It wasn’t known then what has caused his eye to be infected.

Jack Sparrow’s story started last weekend when he came into Waukegan Animal Control as a stray. When it was apparent that his infected eye needed more care, Wagging Hearts Rescue took him into their program and took him into a veterinarian. When the eye didn’t get better after a day of antibiotics, x-rays were done and it was discovered that the bone behind the eye socket was broken.

The optic nerve had been severed and was dying. The eye was removed and the area around the eye was repaired. The injuries were from a blunt force trauma – like a car accident or being hit by a baseball bat. However, Jack Sparrow had no other injuries consistent with being in an accident. It’s heartbreaking to think what he went through sustaining these injuries.

Today, life got much worse for Jack Sparrow. His eye/head injuries triggered an stroke. Although he is trying to sit up and give kisses to the veterinary staff, the stroke has affected his ability to use his back legs. He’s not given up the fight or his will to love despite his setbacks.

In the meantime, his appetite has not been good all week. Wagging Hearts Rescue is waiting for the biopsy results to come back from the tumors removed from his mouth to find out if he has cancer or just isn’t hungry because of all that he’s suffered this week.

Jack Sparrow's optic nerve was severed and his eye was removed.

Jack Sparrow’s optic nerve was severed and his eye was removed.

The good news is that he is in the loving care of Wagging Hearts Rescue and their veterinarians and he has spunk. While Jack Sparrow needs prayers and support, his veterinary bills have piled up and Wagging Hearts needs some donations to help pay for the care he’s received and may need down the road.

Jack Sparrow may need physical therapy or wheels to get around if he makes it through. If there is cancer, he will need additional treatment as well. You can help by donating to  the GoFundMe set up for Jack Sparrow and Wagging Hearts Rescue by Waukegan Animals Getting Saved (WAGS), a non-profit that helps raise funds for animals taken in by Waukegan Animal Control.

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