Lisle's Puppy Parlor closes its doors

A suburban Chicago pet store that has been breeding puppies at its location and had been subject of protests for more than a year has closed it’s doors. The Puppy Parlor had been one of 12 Chicago-area pet stores investigated by the Humane Society of the United States in 2012 that traced the origins of many of the dogs sold in the stores to puppy mills. The store’s owner also operated a breeding operation at the facility and was called out by the HSUS as one of the 100 worst puppy mills in the US last year.

Breeding dogs in the back room of The Puppy Parlor in Lisle. Photo provided by the Illinois Department of Agriculture.

Breeding dogs in the back room of The Puppy Parlor in Lisle. Photo provided by the Illinois Department of Agriculture.

According to the Illinois Department of Agriculture, the Puppy Parlor had around 50 adult dogs at the location at any given time. They were living in small cages, stacked four high, and fed through hamster tubes. The dogs didn’t leave the 800 square foot room.

The Chicago Chapter of CAPS – the Companion Animal Protection Society – had been protesting outside the Puppy Parlor almost daily in much of 2013. During that time, Tammy Conglianese, the owner of the Puppy Parlor denied wrong doing and repeatedly filed police reports in an attempt to intimidate protesters.

Almost Home Foundation, a rescue with experience in taking in puppy mill rescues, has stepped up to take in 35 dogs that had spent most of their live  breeding in the back room of the store. This week, the Chicago City Council will vote on an ordinance aimed at banning the sale of commercial bred dogs, cats and rabbits in pet stores.

If passed, the Companion Animal Protection Ordinance will ban the sale of puppy mill dogs, kitten mill cats and commercially bred rabbits. The law will effect 16 pet stores and those stores will need to go humane by moving to an adoption model if they want to continue to provide cats, dogs or rabbits to consumers. The ordinance is aimed at cracking down on the sale of puppy mill dogs in pet stores, tackling the consumer fraud related to the sale of pet store pets and to save lives at animal control by increasing the number of pets adopted in Chicago.

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