Decoding Your Dog Sunday at The Anti-Cruelty Society

It may seem like your dog doesn’t have a lot to say. However, your dog is communicating with you all the time. Thanks to a new book written by veterinary behaviorists – Decoding Your Dogyou now have a better roadmap to figure out what different behaviors really mean from your dog. And, this Sunday, you’ll get a chance learn more and ask questions of two of the book’s editors at The Anti-Cruelty Society.

Decoding Your Dog

Meet two of the editors of the new dog behavioral book - Decoding Your Dog-at The Anti-Cruelty Society.

Meet two of the editors of the new dog behavioral book – Decoding Your Dog-at The Anti-Cruelty Society.

Decoding Your Dog is the first book that gets to the heart of what your dog’s behavior is really saying by actually focusing on dog behavior. Unlike so many other books that focus on training, this book looks at the science behind your pet’s behavior and how your dog learns and reacts. Steve Dale, a fellow ChicagoNow blogger and pet behaviorist, was one of the books editors and he’ll be at the event on Sunday.

“I’ve been writing about dog behavior for years, but members of this group are the ones who actually often did the research in the first place,” says Dale. “They are also the most appropriate to write about medications when they are suggested for behavioral issues. And there is so much misinformation out there – the authors set the record straight, repeatedly. Also, dog behavior doesn’t live in a shell, behavioral issues often occur in conjunction with medical issues, so it’s appropriate to have veterinarians offer their perspective.”

The dominance theory

What are some dog misconceptions?

Well, we do hear a lot about the “dominance theory” these days – you know, the trainers that focus on dominating your dog to properly train them. Dale points out that there are a significant number of people that believe that we need to dominate our dogs. Some of the examples he points out:

  • Dogs on the sofa – You don’t need to keep your dog off the sofa for fear that he or she will dominate you. Most dogs are up there because it’s soft, cozy and smells like you. It’s especially appealing to older dogs or small dogs. Whether or not you permit your dog on the sofa is a personal choice and he or she can be trained to stay off the sofa.
  • Dogs running out the door first – Do you think your dog heads out first because he or she is the “leader of the pack?” It’s more of a case of the outside being fun, exciting, smelling amazing, etc. If your dog is running out without a leash, you do need to work on training so your pet isn’t in any danger.
  • Domination or rules – Dale adds that it’s more important to be consistent with rules and training but it’s not necessary to dominate dogs to be in control.

Event details

Book co-editors Steve Dale and Dr. John Ciribassi will be on hand for a presentation, to sign books and to answer your questions.

Book co-editors Steve Dale and Dr. John Ciribassi will be on hand for a presentation, to sign books and to answer your questions.

There is lots of other great information in for you to check out and better understand your dog. You can also go straight to the source and talk to two of the book’s editors this Sunday at ACS –Dr. John Ciribassi and Dale (two of the three co-editors of the book). Dr. Ciribassi will be on hand to “decode” dogs with an entertaining and educational presentation that focuses on what dogs are really telling us at times…it may not be what you think.

“I will discuss how to enrich your dog’s life and offer ideas on how to entertain your pup’s mind and body,” adds Dale. “While giving dogs jobs and offering enrichment year-round is important, I will offer tips on what you can do to keep dogs entertained inside when it’s too cold and/or snowy to spend much time outside, hopefully preventing stir crazy dogs. All dogs need a job, and providing one may prevent behavior problems.”

As this winter goes on and on…those tips and that special job for your dog is more important than ever. My copy of the book is on the way and I’m looking forward to reading and reviewing in the coming weeks.

Books for the event have been donated by Ceva Animal Health. Tickets are just $20 with proceeds benefiting The Antt-Cruelty Society. Learn more online. You may also check out some of the interviews that Steve Dale did with some of the veterinary behaviorists behind the book on his Blog.

If you’re not able to come into the city for this great event and you live near Naperville, you may swing by Pet Supplies Plus on Saturday, January 25. Both Dr. Ciribassi and Steve Dale will be on hand for a book signing from 1 to 3. It’s an informal session and you’ll be able to talk to both editors and may even bring your dog along.

Now that Decoding Your Dog is out, I’m waiting for the answer to the most important and difficult question of my day…how do I decode the calico that rules our house…Just asking?

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