6 reasons why we love the Budweiser Super Bowl commercial Puppy Love

6 reasons why we love the Budweiser Super Bowl commercial Puppy Love
Photo courtesy of Budweiser.

If you haven’t seen the new Budweiser Super Bowl commercial “Puppy Love” you must have been in an alternate universe for the past day or so. I saw it no less than 20 times as my group of connections on Facebook cross-posted it like crazy (and I love the spot so I watched it over and over). Then, at the health club this morning, I stopped and watched it again when the morning news featured the story it.

What is it about this commercial that we love so much? Yes, it has puppies and the iconic Clydesdales…but there is so much more to why this commercial is a hit (it was viewed by over 14 million people when I posted this).

  • The Bond – Last year, Budweiser’s Super Bowl commercial- Brotherhood – featured the bond between a horse trainer and a Clydesdale colt. This year, the same trainer is featured, but it’s the bond between a puppy and a horse that tugs. I’m a serial bonded pair adopted if you’ve ever doubted that bond, try separating the pair for an extended period. If you’ve ever seen a pet slip into depression after the loss of another pet, you get it. But a horse and a dog?  If you’re wondering about cross-specieis bonding, check out the great book by a National Geographic magazine writer Jennifer Holland, Unlikely Friendships.
  • Pick me – Many of us have a pet or two in our lives because they have picked us. It’s the stray cat that wouldn’t go away or the dog at the adoption event that connected with you right off the bat. Just last week, I did a post about my first kitten that I adopted as an adult picking me. When the “Puppy Love” is the puppy picking a Clydesdale…we just get it.
  • The determination – The puppy breaks out from the pen to the barn over and over again in this Budweiser Super Bowl commercial. Whether it’s your pet or your kid, sometimes there is something they just must have and they are so determined to get it they just won’t stop. At the end, the Clydesdales show that same determination when they go after the puppy to bring him back.
Courtesy of Budweiser.

Courtesy of Budweiser.

  • The adoption – I’m not going to debate whether the dog really came from a shelter or a breeder but I love that they brought the “adoption event” into the screen on the first shot. I hope it gets more pet lovers who haven’t adopted a dog or a cat to do just that.
  • The music – Last year’s spot used one of my favorite all time Fleetwood Mac songs – Landslide – this year it’s another popular tune – Let her go. The music really does add a tissue or two to the spot.
  • The story – The Budweiser Super Bowl commercials all have a good story and heart. You’d have to be a grump to not smile when the puppy keeps escaping or at his Clydesdale escort back to the farm. And of course, there’s the budding romance between the dog lady and the trainer. Why do I think that we may see them again in next year’s Super Bowl Commercial?

From the marketing perspective, they’ve truly won the Super Bowl on their own, this Budweiser Super Bowl Ad has been played all over and featured on several news programs, news articles and blogs. It’s already the most talked about spot since the Darth Vader boy in the car commercial a few years back. And, the beauty of the Clydesdales is that we’ll remember the brand connected to the commercial. (The Darth Vader spot was for Volkswagen, by the way.)

Here’s my thoughts on the Audi Ad that also focuses on dogs.

Here’s last year’s Budweiser Super Bowl ad.

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