6 things terribly wrong with the Audi Super Bowl ad

6 things terribly wrong with the Audi Super Bowl ad
The Audi Super Bowl ad features vicious Doberhuahuas. Photo courtesy of Business Insider.

Yesterday, I gave my reasons as to why so many people have been taken in by the Budweiser Super Bowl Commercial featuring a puppy and a Clydesdale – Puppy Love. Today is the flip side about all that is wrong with the Audi Super Bowl ad. I know the spot is trying to be funny. But, coming from an animal rescue background, so many alarms went off in my head watching this spot that it was deafening.

The Pet Store – The Super Bowl ad starts off in a pet store where a couple is purchasing a pet. Where do pet store puppies come from? Not the puppy fairy. The shot appears to be the type of pet shop that relies on pet sales for revenue…meaning the dogs are puppy mill dogs. I know there are pet stores that adopt out pets, but that isn’t the message here at all.

Pet store from ad. Photo Courtesy of European Car Web.

Pet store from ad. Photo Courtesy of European Car Web.

Breed them together – Nooooooo.

There’s already a huge pet overpopulation program and encouraging people to breed dogs – especially two breeds like a Doberman and Chihuahua – together makes me cringe.

Designer breeds – That brings us to mixed breeds or the designer breeds that people think should be created. There are already enough puppy mills working on Chiweinies, Husky/Pom mixes (you name it) because people are asking for them. There is little thought into if those breeds should be mixed and of course the mass breeding operations aren’t looking at genetics anyway.

Temperament – Chihuahuas are already stereotyped with the reputation of ankle biters and Dobermans are stereotyped as aggressive because they are a big, strong dog. This commercial has a barking, snarling attack dog with a massive head on a Chihuahua body. What were they smoking in the boardroom when that cleared the storyboard? I’m trying to figure out how this is even remotely funny.

Sarah McLaflin even makes fun of her own PSA campaign. Photo courtesy European Car web.

Sarah McLachlin even makes fun of her own PSA campaign. Photo courtesy European Car web.

Sarah McLachlin – I’d like to be a fly on the wall at the ASPCA PR department when they saw this part of the commercial. Her sappy PSA has been a cornerstone of the public pitch for years. She is even in a faux PSA that was sent around to promotie the ad. Here she is making fun of that PSA in this mess of an auto commercial.

Compromise scares us too – All this work and effort into this catch-phrase. The Audi Super Bowl ad skipped all kinds of common sense for a cheap laugh.

At the end of the commercial, the couple drives off in a brand new Audi as they leave an animal rescue with a cute dog in the back. This commercial got so much wrong before it got to that point, they’ve lost all the good will by trying to work in that message to the spot. The sad part of it is that many of the ad previews are touting this spot as one of the better ones. That doesn’t give a lot of hope for the rest of the commercials.

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