PetBox: Christmas gift for your pet that deliver all year round

PetBox: Christmas gift for your pet that deliver all year round
PetBox delivers toys, treats and other accessories to your home. There are dog and cat options.

It’s no secret that our pets clean up in the goody department come Christmas – from treats to toys to special food or clothes – Santa is good to many of our pets. But, why should your pet just get goodies at Christmas. After all, some of the best gifts we get keep on coming – like those beer and wine of the month clubs. Here’s a great Christmas gift for your pet that delivers the goods all year round – PetBox.

Now your pet can not only get their own special delivery a few times a year (or every month), but you can also pick out the best goodies for them. Subscription-based PetBox launched earlier this month. Now there are already a few pet goody box delivery services on the market. The difference with PetBox is that you can shop for goodies your pet will like.

Pet boxTouting themselves as the Nordstrom of pet goody boxes – PetBox offers a range of premium products and they keep adding new items each month. For now you may choose between a box of dog-only or cat-only products but soon you’ll be able to have products for both pets (that is something to meow and bark about).

Some great examples of the cat products include – JW Pet Cataction Football with Streamers, KONG Cat Cozie Kickeroo, KONG Treat Ball, Fat Cat Zoom Stuffers Catnip Toy, Fat Cat Zoom Stuffers Catnip Pods and Fat Cat Zoom Stuffers Catnip Pods. There are many great products for dogs as well (I’m just in cat shopping mode today).

PetBox has added an incentive for those ordering by December 25 – they will be donating 100% of profits from now until Christmas to five different pet charities in the San Diego area when customers use the code SDPETS. Beneficiaries include San Diego Humane Society, Escondido Humane Society, Rancho Coastal Humane Society, Helen Woodward Animal Center and the San Diego County Animal Shelter.

You have the option of a one time only delivery or three, six or twelve month options. Max and Ellie are expecting their first PetBox an will be sharing their review. You can shop online and follow their activities on Facebook for a peak at daily bonuses and special donation programs.

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