Millie's Mission gives puppy mill dog a second chance

THis is Merry after her rescue this week.

THis is Merry after her rescue this week.

If you’ve been looking at a pet store puppy, I’d like you to take a look – a good long look – at Merry. These pictures are very difficult to look at…but…if you’ve ever considered purchasing a dog from a pet store, you should look. This is the face of a pet store mom – a puppy mill dog that has lived a life of brutality – dog whose sole purpose in life has been to produce those cute little pet store puppies.

Take a look at Merry and ask – what kind of monster does this?

How can this be legal?

The answer is simple. This is the face of a mother dog from a puppy mill. Puppy mill breeders do this everyday. EVERYDAY. Their business – puppy mills – are legal within the United States.

Merry is now safe but to say she is truly safe would be wrong. She’s very sick and has endured years of abuse. So, Merry is in a safe place but the true fight for her life…the true fight for her to be free and safe has just begun.

The Puppy Mill Project has stepped up to help Merry by offering to pay for some of her vetting. Unfortunately, this is one case and it’s just the tip of the iceberg. There are millions more puppy mill dogs like Merry waiting for rescue and hoping for a chance go live life as a true dog should – save, warm and loved.

This graphic photo is of Merry earlier this week when she was rescued from a puppy mill.

This graphic photo is of Merry earlier this week when she was rescued from a puppy mill.

The Puppy Mill Project is an educational organization, not a rescue. However, they receive calls every day about dogs like Merry – dogs needing a guardian angel to help them escape and get their first chance at freedom. I blog a lot about pets getting a second chance through rescue, but for parent dogs from puppy mills – being rescued is really their first chance. It’s a chance that so few of them get.

The Puppy Mil Project has launched a new campaign “Millie’s Mission” aimed at spreading the word about puppy mills and the pet store/internet connection. The goal of this campaign is to raise funds so that The Puppy Mill Project can say yes more often when someone calls for help with a puppy mill rescue. So often, the groups stepping up to rescue are small and saving Merry and dogs like her is very costly for any group.

THis is Merry after she'd been cleaned up.

THis is Merry after she’d been cleaned up.

And, if you are thinking about adding a pet to your family. Adopt, don’t shop. Take a look at Merry and remember that when you purchase a pet from a pet store you’re not “rescuing” that puppy, you are continuing a cycle of cruelty. If you have a pet, don’t shop at stores for pet supplies that sell pets either – it’s all part of supporting a system that supports puppy mills.

And, remember the face of Merry and the other mother dogs left behind in puppy mills.

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