Head for Camp Dogwood for winter get away with your dog

Head for Camp Dogwood for winter get away with your dog
Sign up continues through this weekend for Camp Dogwood - a great time for you and your dog.

The holidays are over and it’s time to get out and get moving to make sure you don’t morph into a total couch potato this winter. If you have a dog, it’s important to keep your pooch active as well, even though options can be limited. That’s why it’s the perfect time to book another getaway to Camp Dogwood for their winter session.

If you’re not familiar with Camp Dogwood, it’s a great camp not too far from Chicago that gives dogs and their two legged friends a chance to bond and have fun. And this time of year, it opens the door for some much needed fresh air. If you’ve done Camp Dogwood in the past – winter has fewer in attendance and smaller sizes, making it a lot more intimate than usual sessions.

“The smaller attendance size and lighter camp schedule makes it so we get to spend more time with our campers and all our dogs together,” says Dave Eisendrath, one of the camp dirctors. “We don’t find ourselves out playing in the snow too much in the city, and love it when we get that chance at Winter Camp. The lighter schedule also leaves room for our campers to inject their own spin onto what makes winter camp fun. Campers have brought games, activities and group discussions that we might never have thought would be right for the schedule and have been overwhelmingly favorites for all.”

Winter CapWith winter settling in a little earlier than usual, that means a few of us are already suffering from cabin fever. The cozy cabins and camp setting is a great way to take a break and get out of the doldrums. The pace is more relaxed than spring and fall sessions and there are a few new twists.

“Doga is an activity we offer at all sessions that is something people and their dogs can enjoy together at anytime of the year, and can be as long or short of a daily activity as you’d like,” adds Eisendrath. “It’s a great way to connect with your dog, and with yourself, too. All schedules offer programming that people of all levels of experience can benefit from and enjoy. The Winter Camp features a lot of fire-side activities and speakers and great outdoor fun, too.”

With snow on the ground, it’s a great idea to make sure you have your boots along for great snow hikes with your dog! Camp Dogwood has become a Chicagoland tradition  and has been around for 14 years – back in the day when there were fewer dog-friendly travel options.

“We wanted to create a place “where people and their dogs stay and play”. Over the past 14 years we’ve grown and learned a lot about what exists in the world for people who want to have fun with and do things with their dogs,” adds Eisendrath. “Dogs have become a proud part of one’s family…no longer just a pet. We love knowing how much campers take-away from our sessions and how many love to come back and do it all again.”

1450092_583614888355106_195747047_nThe great thing about Camp Dogwood is it’s just a great time to hang with your dog. There are a wide-range of activities. So, there are plenty of things for dogs (and you) to do if they are super active or more of a couch potato.

“The Winter Camp program has a much lighter schedule planned, allowing for campers to bond with their dogs, and each other,” says Eisendrath. “Happy hour around the fireplace, with wine and apps, a white-dog-gift-exchange, hiking trails, snow games, doga and arts-n-crafts are only some of the things campers will find.”

Camp Dogwood is taking registrations through this weekend. So, If you’ve been procrastinating because of the holiday…you have a few days left but don’t delay. The camp has accommodations and with dinner served Friday and Saturday (BYOB) and breakfast on Saturday with Brunch Sunday (you’re on your own for lunch). All details and registration are online…with updates on Facebook as well.

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