Alive Rescue Bringing Tucker Home: The Lucky 11

When rescues take in a dog or a cat, they make a commitment to that animal. They nurse them back to health, socialize them and help them find a family. Sometimes they find out a dog or cat isn’t as easy to socialize and they need to find alternatives. That is the case with Tucker and Alive Rescue.

In April of 2012, a puppy mill in Michigan was busted and rescues from throughout the Midwest stepped up to help rescue the 350 plus dogs from the mill. When Alive Rescue arrived, it turned out that the puppy mill dogs were all gone but a dog remained at the shelter that needed their help – Tucker.

He was nursed back from Heartworm and it was discovered that he had some behavioral issues and didn’t socialize well with people. According to Alive Rescue, Tucker did do well with other dogs and loved to be outdoors. The search was on to find a sanctuary that would provide a forever home.

Bring Tucker Home – The Lucky 10

Alive Founder Kristin Geraldi found a place in rural Texas that would take him, but there was a catch. They had many adoptable dogs (and cats) that needed a fresh start in a area with more potential adopters. In exchange for taking Tucker into the program, they asked Alive Rescue to take in 10 pets to their program. That was the start of the Bring Tucker Home – Lucky 10 campaign.

Fundraising got underway and in July, Gerali and Tucker hit the road for Texas. When they arrived at the sanctuary, Tucker was truly at home and the 9 of the 10 pets got ready for their trip to their new home in Chicago. One of the original dogs that had been selected to come to Chicago was adopted – so two dogs came her in his place. The Lucky 10 became the Lucky 11. The last of the 11 – Jake – was just adopted by his foster family this past weekend. The slideshow below tells the story.

There are still several long-term rescues looking for a Home for the Holidays (see story).

Shelter Shiver

If you’d like to support the work of Alive Rescue, brave the elements to take the plunge at the 5th Annual Shelter Shiver on Sunday, January 5 at Chicago’s North Avenue Beach. It’s just $25 to participate and you can do a Shiver Swim (full plunge), Chicken Dip (ankle deep) or I’ll Meet you at Meltdown (virtual). Participants take the plunge in Lake Michigan at 10:30 a.m. and hit Joe’s Bar on Weed for the party afterwards. Sign up online – or sponsor one of the other participants.

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