North Chicago Animal Control dogs get special Thanksgiving celebration

North Chicago Animal Control dogs get special Thanksgiving celebration
Biggie is a sweet senior with a cardiac issue. He's enjoying a special meal for Friendsgiving.

Two years ago, things were not looking so good for the pets at North Chicago Animal Care and Control. On Thanksgiving week, the animals ended up being unattended in bitter cold kennels when the animal control officer went out of town. This year, there’s a lot to celebrate as the dogs there are getting a new leash on life with a different warden in place…and…they’re getting their own Thanksgiving meals to boot.

Since Dana Deutch took over as warden in the summer of 2012, North Chicago Animal Control has networked every dog to a rescue. She has also turned around the facility so the dogs have a good place to stay while awaiting rescue. (See story.) That spirit of cooperation and support is behind a Friendsgiving celebration for the Dogs last weekend.

Dogs at North Chicago Animal Control were served special meals on Sunday.

Dogs at North Chicago Animal Control were served special meals on Sunday.

On Sunday, Joyce Gallagher stopped by with the Friendsgiving meals that included turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans and pumpkin pie Brian and Beverly Linning of Bark “N” Town. It was a special celebration for the dogs.

“It was so heartwarming to see the pups enjoy their meal,” says Gallagher. “Their eyes were focused through their cages on the food dish. As soon as she could get the door open enough to put their dish in, their heads went into the bowl, even as she was sitting the bowls on the floor. You didn’t see any heads pop up until their bowls were licked cleaned.”

It’s the first of two celebrations for the dogs this week. They will also be served a Thanksgiving dinner of chicken breasts, carrots, green beans, sweet potatoes and fruit drizzled with peanut butter and yogurt. They’ll also get cow horns filled with peanut butter and apples for a party treat.

The celebration is a welcome break for the dogs who often come in as strays or are relinquished by owners. Since North Chicago doesn’t adopt out, dogs are networked tor rescues. That brings us to the second part of the story. Often dogs come in that need some veterinary care prior to rescue. However, North Chicago Animal Control has no budgeted funds to help.

1471136_10201677683881413_1977333826_nRecently, there have been some parvo puppies, a puppy with mange and Biggie, a senior German Shepherd with a heart issue (see photo at top of the story). Some generous donors have helped with a lot of the bills, but more fundraising is needed to help the dog with mange and for Biggie to get more treatments. Volunteers are shooting to raise $3,000 to help.

Donations may be sent to North Chicago Animal Control, C/O Dana Deutsch, 1850 Lewis Avenue, North Chicago, IL 60064. Checks should be made out to North Chicago Animal Control.

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