In cat years, 7 is the new 2

In cat years, 7 is the new 2

Did you know in cat years that 7 is the new 2! For evidence, just look at our cat Max. At least once a day, he begs for us to let him in the basement. He doesn’t explore…he races up and down the basement steps and up the spiral staircase that leads above the garage and down the stairs on the other side. He does this with the grace of an Olympic athlete and never seems to get winded. Max is now 8 and in many circles, is considered a senior cat…senior my *ss!

You see, if Max were in a shelter, many folks would look at his age and walk away and miss one of the biggest cat personalities I’ve ever met. OK, I’m a tad biased. But, the good thing about senior cats around 7 and 8 is that although they are considered senior cats to many, they are still very active and fun. And, Harmony House for Cats is spreading the word with their newest campaign – in cat years, 7 is the new 2.

Nella is a senior girl looking for a new home after her owner could no longer care for her.

Nella is a senior girl looking for a new home after her owner could no longer care for her.

“Here at Harmony House for Cats, we don’t consider cats to be seniors until 12,” says Ann Dieter, president of the organization. “But, we have many middle-aged fabulous cats to spotlight so we made the age limit 7 years and up. Many of them were adopted out as kittens and returned due to a death of the caregiver, someone moving overseas or marrying an allergic person. Hence this campaign!’

From now until the end of December, Harmony House is adopting out all cats 7 and older for $50. They are hoping to bank on the idea that while people love the cute and cuddly kittens, many folks would rather have a calmer pet…like that playful senior kitty. They’ve been settled into a family and have been a good companion before ending back at the shelter.

Another great aspect of older cats is that their personalities are already formed – so, what you see is what you get. If you take the time to think about what you really want in a furry companion – clown, lap cat, someone to play fetch (some cats will fetch) or a speed racer – there are probably several in the shelter that fit that checklist.

So, if your thinking of adding a pet to the family, check out the great starter cats available by doing the math in cat years under the 7 is the new 2 promotion at Harmony House for Cats. They have a lot of cool kitties that fit the bill. You may even find someone that could give Max a run for his money at chair racing.

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