2 puppies stolen from Petland stores: Who should face charges?

2 puppies stolen from Petland stores: Who should face charges?
Two puppies were stolen from two different suburban Petlands yesterday. Photo courtesy of WGN-TV.

How much is that puppy in the window? It’s free if you steal it. Yesterday, a thief hit not one, but two Petland stores in the Chicago-area, walking out with little white puppies at both stores. So, in a matter of days, the puppies have gone from the puppy mills where they were bred, to the pet store where they were up for sale at inflated prices to who knows where after the puppies were stolen from Petland.

This puppy caper  is one of those stories that fits the bill for two wrongs don’t make a right. Until the dogs are found and the alleged thief is questioned, we won’t know why she walked off with the two dogs – one from Naperville and the other from Bolingbrook. Was it just a case of someone wanting a dog and stealing? Did she think she was rescuing them? Does this person have any other scary motives?

Emaciated puppies found at Naperville's Petland this summer.

Emaciated puppies found at Naperville’s Petland this summer.

It’s so hard to tell.

In video shown on local TV. The woman walked into the Petland and asked to see a puppy. She went into the puppy play room and stuck the dog under her coat before leaving. A woman that appears to be the same person hit Naperville and Bolingbrook within a short period of time.

Here’s my deal while watching the coverage. The owner of Naperville’s store was on TV, tearfully telling his story, about the theft of Casper – a Havanese. One of his comments – “we are really worried about the health of this little dog.”

mmmm. Really.

Earlier this summer at the very same Petland pictures surfaced from a customer of very emaciated dogs on site. When a volunteer from The Puppy Mill Project went to check out the report, she took numerous pictures of puppies that were far too emaciated to be healthy. Within hours of a blog post about the situation going live…the sick dogs were out of the store (possibly in isolation some place). There have also been stories of people purchasing very sick dogs from the store.

Two of the puppies from Naperville Petland this summer.

Two of the puppies from Naperville Petland this summer.

So, when someone is live on TV worrying about the health of his puppy…I’m wondering why it’s not across the board. Is it the health or the $2,000 price tag that is attached to this dog. An Illinois Department of Ag inspector hit the Naperville Petland after the story broke last summer and the store faced no fines. In the meantime, store owners continue to support animal cruelty by purchasing and selling puppies obtained from puppy mills.

I hope they catch the puppy thief soon and get the dogs to safety. And, she should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. But what about Petland and the other stores selling puppy mill dogs? What charges do they face for misleading the public on the origin of the pets they sell? When will laws change to protect those dogs and the parents left behind in the mills?

It is something to think about.

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