Adopt a kitten: Charming kitten trio looking for homes

Adopt a kitten: Charming kitten trio looking for homes
Sunshine is the only girl in the group and she is starting to blossom.

Want to adopt a kitten? It’s been 22 years ago this weekend that I ventured out in search of a pair of kittens to add to my family. Back then, kitten season was almost over and the pickings were slim. I eventually wandered into Tree House Humane Society and fell in love with a beautiful puff ball kitten and her goofy looking brother.

Scarlett (who is pictured at the top of my column everyday) was with me over 19 years before she died. The Late Great Rhett the Wonder Cat was with me for almost 15 before passing to the rainbow bridge. These days, kitten season is still in full swing and one of my friends that does TNR (Trap Neuter Return) has taken in three adorable kittens that are in search of a good home.

Tommy is Mr. Personality of the group (and looks a lot like my kitty Scarlett).

Tommy is Mr. Personality of the group (and looks a lot like my kitty Scarlett).

I was very tempted to take in a few – especially when you take a look at Tommy. Does he remind you of anyone? Because she does this on her own with a small group of friends, they don’t have a shelter or rescue promoting the kittens for adoption. So, I offered to use the power of my blog to help these three lovable kittens find a home.

All kittens have had age appropriate vetting (and will require a few more shots when older) and use the litter box like little troopers. So, if you want to adopt a kitten, check out this charming trio. They are all are about 8 weeks old.


Tommy (pictured above) is the star of the show here and is by far the most outgoing of this little trio. He is playful and would fit in well in about any situation. Tommy was caught several times in the trap and kept coming back for seconds.


Sammy is a sweetheart with unique gray markings.

Sammy is a sweetheart with unique gray markings.

I love the grey and black Tuxedo combination. Sammy is a sweet little guy who is friendly, but still a bit shy. He’s coming out of his shell a bit more each day. He was part of the same colony as Tommy and Sunshine. He was caught by hand when he just walked up to Jill one day.


Last, but not least is the true ray of Sunshine in this group – appropriately named Sunshine (top of the post). This sweet girl was the last in the colony to be captured and has taken the longest to come out of her shell. She has made great strides in the past few days and is really starting to come into her own.

Jill is hoping that at least two of the three will be able to stay together – the whole group is bonded. However, she’d like for them all to find homes so she can continue to TNR and rescue before winter hits. If interested, contact Jill Edelman at or call 630-240-8269.

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