Life-Meter for Pets shows the real temperature inside your car

The dog days of summer have hit with a vengeance bringing in dangerously hot weather. Your car can become a deadly place for pets even on a cooler day because your vehicle acts like a greenhouse and heats up quickly. While many of us would never consider leaving our pets in a hot car, there are still a number of people that do.

Earlier this summer, I did a post about some people who had advocated for dogs left in cars with tips on what to do. But what can you do to build awareness everyday to make people think twice before leaving a pet or child in a vehicle – especially on days when it may not appear to be dangerously hot?

Life-Meter for Pets

Life-Meters for Pets helps illustrate how hot your car gets, even on a cooler day.

Life-Meters for Pets helps illustrate how hot your car gets, even on a cooler day.

Life-Meter for Pets launched a campaign in Arizona two years ago featuring their product – a thermometer that attaches inside a car window. Their goal was to illustrate how fast a car heats up even on a mild day. It is designed to help protect pets and prevent tragedy, in a way giving the pets a voice in the debate.

“When you display the thermometer, you are sending a message to anyone who may walk by your vehicle in a parking lot that it is never ok to leave pets alone in hot cars,” says Adam Schultz, lead designer of the product. “You are also showing your concern and spreading awareness of these dangers everyday. We believe that long-term awareness equals education and education equals prevention, with prevention being the only known cure/remedy for these pet tragedies.”

When cars heat up

Because the thermometer on the Life-Meter for Pets works of the interior temperature of your car, it will illustrate how hot your car gets on a mild day – like 70 degrees. Shultz is encouraging people with and without pets to display the Life-Meter for Pets so everyone will understand that accidents happen very fast when dogs are left in cars.

“We want people to realize that a vehicle’s inside temperature can change quickly,” says Schultz. “We stress in our disclaimer that Life-Meter is not a substitute for leaving a pet alone inside a vehicle – please don’t leave your pet in a vehicle. We also rely on sponsors, partners and non-profits to continue to educate as the product is distributed.”

Life-Meter for Pets lets people know the inside temperature of cars.

Life-Meter for Pets lets people know the inside temperature of cars.

To build product awareness and awareness about the issue of pets left in cars, Life-Meter for pets is reaching out to businesses to set up displays in their stores. They’ve also reached out to non-profits – like shelters – to use the Life-Meters for Pets in direct mailings to promote the organizations or use as part of a fundraising effort.

“As the manufacturer, it is our goal to get this great product into the hands of your organization in a way that will help you generate revenue for your charity or cause,” adds Schultz. “While at the same time, we want to drive home our awareness campaign and educating the public about these many tragedies that can happen so fast.”

Life-Meter launched originally with a similar product aimed at educating people about leaving kids behind in cars. They’ve worked with social service agencies and other organizations to help build awareness on that front as well.  Learn more by going to this website, you may download order forms here or check them out on Facebook.

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