About puppy mills and Kindness to Animals

About a year and a half ago, I met Cari Meyers for lunch, just lunch, to talk about a topic very near and dear to her heart – puppy mills. I had recently started to write freelance articles about animal rescue in Chicago and Cari is the go to person on puppy mills. It was one of those lunches that really changes your path in life. And, this ended up being so much more than just lunch.

Cari is the founder of The Puppy Mill Project. Along with a group of wonderful volunteers, this grass roots organization has hit the road, the malls, the schools, the animal shelters and the airwaves to let the world in on a little secret about the cute pets found in pet stores…the ones born in puppy mills.

And, I wrote a story…lots of stories…on puppy mills, dog auctions, puppy mill rescues and education programs. I also pitched in to help The Puppy Mill Project with some consulting on PR and communications. I felt it was the least I could do.

Cari Meyers and I are usually both behind the scenes and the camera. Who knew it would take giving out awards to see what we both look like?

Cari Meyers and I are usually both behind the scenes and the camera. Who knew it would take giving out awards to see what we both look like?

I was so humbled and honored on May 11 to be one of the recipients of their Kindness to Animal Awards at their Mother’s in the Mills event. The Puppy Mill Project honored Sonja and Dan Raymond of Collar & Leash for going humane and moving to an adoption model. Dawn LoCascio was also honored for all the work she’s done for the organization this past year – from getting the website redesigned, to getting over 300 people to attend the groups first walk…and much much more.

While it does feel a bit strange to be honored for following a passion and giving a voice to the animals, it’s also very cool (especially since I’m the cat lady in my circle of friends). Cari needs her own award for keeping a great secret up until the last minute from the reporter/blogger in her organization.

If you’d like to know more about The Puppy Mill Project, check out their latest video. And stay tuned, unfortunately, there are so many more sad stories to tell and I’ll have more posted soon.

READ THESE STORIES – to learn about Project Mercy and the rescue of 23 English Bulldogs from a puppy mill in Iowa and this story focuses on The Puppy Mill Project’s role in saving 93 dogs from an Illinois mill.

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