Green pet products to use everyday, not just Earth Day

On Earth Day, we look for ways to be a more green and that includes finding green pet products for our furry family members. The good news is there are many great green pet products on the market these days that you may use all the time – not just on Earth Day.

Green cat products

From scratching posts and cat towers to toys and cat litter, there are many cat products that are either made from recycled or organic products. Here are some green pet products for your cat.

  • Imperial Cat Scratch ‘n’ Shapes – Imperial Cat has a really great line of scratching furniture – Scratch ‘n’ Shapes. They are all made from recycled corrugated cardboard and printed with soy inks. The products are also recyclable after use.
  • Mountain Cat Trees – These handcrafted cat trees, scratching posts and shelves are made of solid wood (no plywood). Mountain Cat Trees are made from natural materials good for you and your pet and they are 95 percent biodegradable.
  • Swheat Scoop Cat Litter – Clay cat litter is one of those items that doesn’t biodegrade. Since litter is a necessity with cats in the house, go for litters with natural ingredients like Swheat Scoop. It is made from wheat, a renewable, sustainable resource and it’s chemical and fragrance free. And, it doesn’t live forever in the landfill. Check out Swheat Scoop’s current Earth Month Campaign on their Facebook page and check out how to win free cat litter.
  • Toys from Purrfect Play Purrfect Play makes a great collection of die-free cat toys from natural hemp, cotton, wool and catnip. They are made in the USA and very durable – the chubby snake and wool ping pong balls are a hit with our cats.

Green dog products

There are a variety of  green pet products for your dog like toys, leashes and other items that are also either organic or made from green products.

  • Toys from petprojektPetprojekt is a new line of dog toys made with non-toxic materials without a trace of phthalates, lead DEHP, heavy metals or BPAs.
  • Toys from Purrfect Play Purrfect Play makes a variety of chew and tug toys from the same natural products it uses for cat toys – hemp, cotton and wool. They are also USA -made and dog-tested for durability.
  • Poop bags – GreenLine Bags, from Loft 312 in Chicago, are the first landfill biodegradable poop bags on the market. The bags are made with a special additive that allows microbes to break down the structure of the bags when they are in landfills.
  • Collars and LeashesEarth Dog makes a great line of hemp collars and leashes (and toys and blankets). Check out their green pet products online.
  • Earth Heart Natural RemediesEarth Heart mists are natural aromatherapies for your dog. Canine Calm tackles dogs stressed from storms, fireworks or other stressful situations and Travel calm helps when you hit the road with your dog. Buzz Guard and Guard Well help with outside irritants.

For both cats and dogs

Here are some green pet products for both cats and dogs for mealtime, bedtime and more.

  • Bambubowls – Loving Pets has an eco-conscious line called Bambubowls that are made from 100-percent renewable/sustainable resources. They are dishwasher safe and have skid resistant rubber feet and come in three colors for dogs and two for cats.
  • Organic beddingThe Organic Pet Boutique is an online store with lots of great options for green bedding – from bumper beds to crate beds and other options. Some of the bedding has removable organic cotton covers and cushions are made fro 100 percent recycled IntelliLoft mad from recycled plastic bottles.
  • Grooming – The Organic Bet Boutique also has a great choice of grooming products and flea and tick products as well.

Do you have some favorite green pet products? Feel free to mention them in the comments below for future articles.

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