Pet Peeves of pet neighbors - much ado about poo

Ah yes – February is Responsible Pet Owner’s Month and in my affluent neighborhood, you’d think everyone would toe the line on being good pet parents. You would think some of the normal pet peeves that run rampant would not be a worry.

Aliza needs a home.

Pet Peeves – Aliza has a bigger pet peeve – like no family. Consider adopting her from Lulu’s Locker Rescue.

In the land of dog collar bling and Coach pet carriers, what could anyone have to complain about – most of the pets are fixed, go to more spa treatments than I do and have standing appointments at doggy day care. I’m sure some of them even have their own pet nutritionists.

All that goes a ways in making you a responsible pet parent. So what do I have to complain about? What pet peeves could roll through the neighborhood? My pet peeve is poo or doggy doo.

You would think in a neighborhood where people spend a small fortune on their lawns, they would be as respectful of their neighbor’s lawns by picking up after Foo Foo. Here are a few of my favorite ways to walk away from your duty (my pet peeve of pet peeves) –

  • Not on my yard – One neighbor walks her two little pooches across the street to the neighbor’s parkway where they do their business. She then trounces back home with the dogs. She never, ever goes on a full walk. If you don’t want to use your own yard for dog doo, why do you think it’s OK to do the same on the neighbor’s yard?
  • The walk and scan – We have a whole group that talk on their cell phones while walking their dog on his or her retractable leash. Puppy squats – they walk right past like they didn’t see a thing. Or, they look around to see if no one is looking and if they think no one is, they walk on by. Yuck! This whole concept could fall into a few other pet peeves of mine.
  • Bag and go – We have some neighbors that at least bag it up, but then leave the specially wrapped gift on your curb or parkway. I guess you can’t take it with you.
  • The paid service – This is my very favorite. We have several neighbors that pay services to come in and pick up poo. That means that it sits in the yard getting more disgusting for a week. I wouldn’t really care if this was in their back yard. However, because I live in a neighborhood of invisible fences, that often means poo presents are decorating the front yards at various houses for a week.

What is a responsible pet owner to do? Well, start by picking up after your own pet. It’s not rocket science and if you’re out walking your dog when they need to do their duty, you should be paying enough attention to see what your dog is up to and bag it and take it with you. You should also bag the retractable leash for one that keeps your pet a little closer. A regular leash keeps your pup under control and closer to you (and less of an attraction for our neighborhood coyotes).

As for pet peeves, I’d love it if you list yours – even if it has nothing to do with poo. Now that I have this off my chest for now…I’ll focus on some other issues this week. Pet Peeves? You’ll need to check in and see.

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