Policy Point Wendesday: Halloween Candy Buybacks

Policy Point Wendesday: Halloween Candy Buybacks

Every year, our Neighborhood Watch puts on a huge event for Halloween – M&M Mars has been kind enough to support our efforts with a donation of (my favorite!) candy, which Watch members hand out to the kids, and we keep an eye on the neighborhood for the whole evening to make sure everyone has a safe and happy holiday.

Unfortunately, this sometimes means that we have pounds and pounds of candy in the house – either Sparky brings home a haul or, since we’re “home base,” we have leftover candy from the event.  Nobody in our house needs that much candy – so we typically participate in a Halloween Candy buy-back.  Candy buybacks usually send the candy to our overseas troops in CARE packages that they can either use for themselves or to hand out as goodwill gifts (Operation Gratitude also takes tiny stuffed animals for this purpose, along with other comfort care items for the troops.)  Sparky sorts his candy stash into “love it” and “leave it” piles, and the latter gets sent to the troops with a thank-you note.

Red Tricycle created this list of Chicago-area businesses offering candy buybacks.  Locally, I will be partnering with my neighbors at Hip Circle Studio, who takes the idea of a buyback one step further: bring in a pound or more of candy, and earn premiums such as free registration for “Sugar Blues,” a workshop on managing your sugar cravings without feeling deprived or other exercise classes. Let’s face it – November is a month filled with the opportunity to make choices about food and exercise – why not make at least one that will improve your health?

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