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DIY Super Zippered bag using 10 fat quarters

A fellow guild member bid on some black 4″ metal zippers on Ebay and won the bid. When they arrived she realized it was hundreds of black zippers, more than she could use in a lifetime. From this event, a guild challenge was born. We each received at least one zipper and we had to... Read more »

How to sew a zipper to make a bag tutorial

You can pick up a zipper in almost any color you like. I am a zipper nut so I keep them on hand. They should be bigger than your project. This is a small bag project. I cut the fabric to the size I wanted, two different pieces. I sewed them together, first.  It's clever if you make the stitches bigger in the middle but no big deal if you don't.
I follow a bunch of different quilters on FB and Instagram and I am always surprised how many comments I read about zippers. Quilters are intimidated by zippers! They therefore avoid certain projects that involve putting in a zipper. I understand that if you didn’t come to quilting via clothing construction. Yay for Jr. High... Read more »

14 Facts about zippers

When I first began sewing the lesson on zippers was looming on the horizon, ominous and forbidding. Once I put one in I thought, easy and promptly put my next one in backwards. Ooops, I decided I needed to spend more time paying attention to zippers. It’s been a while since I’ve put a zipper... Read more »