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Yikes! What do I do when there is a thread trapped under my quilt top?

Sometimes I am very pleased when I am sewing. Other times I wonder what crazed maniacal quilter messed things up for me. The unfortunate truth is that I am the only quilter in the house so that crazed sewist who made the mistakes is always ME! I was all happy that I had finished my... Read more »

I don't like to change the thread on my sewing machine

I don’t like to change the thread on my sewing machine. Nope, in fact I have used a color that really isn’t perfect just to avoid changing it. When my girls would ask me to mend or stitch something for them I have been known to say, OK, but I’m not changing the thread! Why?... Read more »

12 Fascinating Facts about Thread

I love thread and the more colors I can collect, the better. And when I like something, I want to know more about it. Let’s learn some facts about Thread. 1. What is thread? Good question and I found the answer on How Products are made where they state that thread is “two tightly twisted... Read more »