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DIY How to make a unique tablet cover tutorial

My youngest daughter asked me to create something for her new HP Surface Pro. I ended up with quite a bit of time to make it so I documented every step. I am finally finished and want to show you how to make a unique tablet cover. You can be creative and make a fancy... Read more »

DIY Tablet Sleeve tutorial

When I bought this great fabric at Crimson Tate,  I also got a pattern because I said I didn't want to reinvent the wheel.  Or I apparently did want to do exactly that as I ended up measuring my tablet and going from there.  But the pattern picture gave me a place to start, an inspiration.
I think when you go to something new and different, you suddenly feel the need for something special to mark this event.  Back in elementary school didn’t you get new shoes, underwear and supplies for the first day of school?  I still yearn for those items when school ads start appearing. I love new outfits... Read more »