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Box 'O Quilts for childproofing the Spiral Staircase revisted

I have a wonderful, if sometimes messy, sewing studio at the top of a gleaming spiral staircase. This spiral staircase is sometimes an attractive nuisance and other times, just a nuisance. I’ve written about it before and the challenges of getting items up to my studio. Two years ago, I had the fun of trying... Read more »

How to get a longarm up a spiral staircase - a tutorial

I bought myself a retirement gift in the spring of 2010, a Longarm to celebrate 35 years of teaching in Illinois Public schools. And I didn’t fool around, I got the 14 foot wide one because I had just finished hand quilting my daughter’s king sized wedding quilt. It was 3 years late and I... Read more »

Child Proofing a Spiral Staircase

My sewing studio is a loft above our great room, 400 square feet of gloriousness all for me. The ceiling does follow the roof line so upon occasion I have smacked my head at the ends. I have arranged the furniture so this doesn’t happen very often but I really have never thought about the... Read more »