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12 Signs you need for your Sewing Room Door

I quilt and sew in a loft with only one other person who lives here. Previously I sewed in the master bedroom, the basement and the kitchen table. There were times when I hadn’t been able to sew for a while and I just wanted to be left alone. Or I was in the zone... Read more »

Sewing room upgrade

Here's my old set up with the machine on an antique kitchen table.
I have been sewing since I was 12 and lived with my parents. I sewed on the kitchen table or on an old kitchen table in our family room. When my older sister moved out, my Mom made her room into a sewing room and she didn’t know how to sew, that how much my... Read more »

12 items I should remove from my sewing room

I asked for this quilt block calendar and for the first year or two, I kept it up. Then it sat for awhile and looked pitiful. The date was never right. I put it on my birthday and have let it be. I just can't say good bye to it.
I love my sewing room and in fact I am going there right after I write this. It is chock full of fabric, spools, rulers, cutters, machines and thread all over the floor minutes after I clean it all up. In the rest of my house I get rid of things pretty quickly. Haven’t worn... Read more »

9 Favorite things in my sewing room

I love with all my heart this matching set of Gingher shears and clipping scissors.  They float around the sewing room but I like it best when they cuddle up next to each other.  Yes, I do think it's a bit odd to love scissors.  But these MATCH!
I am an empty nester, all the girls have moved out and while I was sentimental about them leaving, let’s be serious.  It was time for me to have a dedicated sewing room!  In my last house, I sewed in the basement and in this condo, I had a corner of the Master bedroom.  Two... Read more »