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Facts about Dear Jane quilts and examples from the International Quilt Festival Chicago

Dear Jane quilts have been popular for over twenty years. However, I have always viewed them from afar; I was in awe at the workmanship but filed them under “quilts I will never make.” Because of the International Quilt Festival I am motivated to know more about them. I decided to learn more about them and share some... Read more »

Quilts and quilters through the eyes of a 3 year old

One of my granddaughter’s first words was quilt which made me very proud and happy. She can hardly stand to not have a quilt around her and sleeps with five or six on her bed. She has her own table in my sewing room and plays around with fabric. I figured she must know a... Read more »

How to improve any current book or movie

I may have mentioned 27 million times that I love to read. I choose books for quirky reasons and every once in a while, other people even read them. I was perusing the NY Times Best Seller list and I had actually read some of them.  I also love going to the show even though... Read more »

Things go better with Quilts

Do you remember the 1960’s ad campaign that claimed “things go better with coke?”  I like Coke but I beg to differ with this beverage ad. I believe that they really meant to say, things go better with quilts. Think about the number of activities and events which are improved way more with a quilt... Read more »

Celebrating ordinary everyday sewing

I try to sew every single day. I don’t always make it up to the sewing room but I sure try. This week I have had almost too much fun with a blathering, Quilt guild, coffee with a friend, lunch with another and watching Zara three days. Add in some cooking, cleaning, bill paying and... Read more »

DIY T-shirt quilt tutorial - step one, the shirts

Hi there T-shirt owner! Hey, that works for everyone, we all own T-shirts. But you are probably reading this because you have decided you want a T-shirt quilt and you are going to make it yourself. Yay! If you can iron and sew a straight line, you will accomplish your goal.  Coincidentally, I am making... Read more »

Quilt progress - patience needed

Quilting is a slow process. You did a bit here, a bit there and at the end you have two bits. Isn’t that a quarter? Seriously, it takes a long time to see a finished product so you have to savor the process, the journey. With that in mind I am celebrating progress on two... Read more »