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Celebrities prove that Quilting and Sewing are the keys to looking and feeling great

The candy companies want you to believe that a snickers does the trick. Ha! We all know it's quilting or sewing!
Have you seen the Snickers commercials where people just aren’t themselves when they are hungry?  A clever reader of mine suggested that I spin that into a quilt meme. I loved the idea and I took it a bit further. Few people know that the true fountain of youth and beauty is found in a... Read more »

10 Signs you are quilting just the right amount

It’s hard to strike the right balance in life. We have to balance work and family while trying to get enough sleep. We have to eat the right foods and balance the vegetables with the sweets. And if you are a quilter, you have to find that sweet spot where you are quilting just the... Read more »

10 Signs you are quilting too much

Last week I posted a blog entitled 10 signs you are not quilting enough. It was sad, I cried writing it. Readers grew despondent. I knew I had to come up with the opposite, a post about quilting too much. Quilting too much? Is such a thing even possible. Probably not but let’s pretend it... Read more »

10 Signs you are not quilting enough

I was fiddling around on the internet and saw a link to an article entitled “9 hidden signs you are not drinking enough water.” The funny thing is that I thought, hmmm, you would be thirsty? But I clicked anyway and there was a video with 5 reasons. Imagine that, something on the internet was... Read more »

Quilting is the new cool

I think of sewing as being a somewhat traditional hobby, no longer taught in schools. However, I’ve been reading lately how it’s making a comeback. And who is really embracing it? Hipsters. I know, it surprised me also. When I discovered that Hipsters sew and blog, I tweeted “Hipsters blog and sew. I blog and... Read more »

Yoga and Quilting

My granddaughter is due in two months. I want to make the curtains for her windows, the cushions for her chair and the quilt for her bed. I also want to be able to get down and play with her on the floor. I used to be able to do that, I read to my... Read more »
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