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Quilters are super honest as is the International Quilt Festival

In my lifetime I have not had tremendous luck with cameras. Maybe it’s bad karma from high school when my then boyfriend gave me this dopey promise ring for Christmas. I did not want it or anything it implied so I lied and said my mom would not let me keep it, let’s trade it... Read more »

Is it better to start quilting fresh or after being a garment sewer?

Recently I attended a color workshop at a terrific quilt shop. We got to know each other at the start by telling the group how long we had been quilting. The answers ranged from not yet to my 33 years. I would say that the majority had been quilting for less than 5 years. The answers... Read more »

Quilts and quilters through the eyes of a 3 year old

One of my granddaughter’s first words was quilt which made me very proud and happy. She can hardly stand to not have a quilt around her and sleeps with five or six on her bed. She has her own table in my sewing room and plays around with fabric. I figured she must know a... Read more »

8 reasons why Quilters make the best guests

Over my life time I have had many guests of my own and of other family members. Some guests are funny, some are messy and some get invited back. But Quilters make the best guests of all and I will tell you why. 1.Arrival – I know many polite guests who arrive with food, candy... Read more »

# First World Quilter Problems

As you know, I find many things funny. I like to poke fun at myself, make light of situations and create absurdities that make me laugh. It’s probably good that I laugh at my jokes because then there is at least someone laughing! The first time I saw a #firstworldproblem meme, I thought it was... Read more »

Quilters will never become millionaires, sew what?

I like money as much as the next person. I am more than willing to have fun with it, buy some fabric, travel, give some away. But I am not that into money which is obvious from my history. I was a teacher, a profession not know for millionaires and now I am a quilter.... Read more »

10 Fantastic Facial Expressions of Quilters

I was poking around on Facebook today and saw a post about facial expressions that teens make. I decided right then and there that Quilters have faces also and we use them to make expressions. So there! Not having a group of volunteers around to create the many facial expressions of Quilters, I decided to... Read more »

9 ways to find Quilters in a group

Last month was my first experience at a really big quilt show where I spent the night, away from friends and family. Usually I just hit quilt shows in the Chicago area for a day trip. When I was there I found it incredibly easy to strike up a conversation, eat lunch with or shoot... Read more »

What If Quilters were the Norm

I met my husband on Match.com and admitted to him that I was a Quilter. He was a bit surprised as the women on your average dating site are not Quilters, too bad for them! He asked me how I became interested in such an archaic activity. I married him anyway. Plus, over the years,... Read more »

10 Things Every Serious Quilter Has

I quilt and write about it so articles and musings about writing catch my eye. It’s a creative process like quilting and very enjoyable as well. There are similarities between the two endeavors however, whatever you write won’t keep you warm on a cold night! But articles about writing can be adapted to quilting and... Read more »
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