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Review of the Kansas City Regional Quilt Festival

  This past weekend was the inaugural show for a group of 15 guilds in Kansas City. I was so impressed with everything about the show, I could hardly believe it was their first one. There was so much to do and see so I will have to write several posts. This first one will... Read more »

More favorite Quilts from Chicago International Quilt Festival 2015

I had to start with this the exhibit Midwest Marvels and then with the Modern Log Cabin by Kim Lapacek because I love it. The first block I made in my first quilt class was a log cabin. I am thinking I need to revisit this block. What a wonderful inspiration.
I had such a great time at the show that I have to publish another gallery of more favorite quilts from Chicago International Quilt Festival 2015. There were so many sections at the show that I probably even missed a few quilts. The twelve here are from the Art Quilts of the Midwest, In the... Read more »

Even when I don't like a quilt show or shop, I like it

I go to a lot of quilt stores and my checking account balance will verify that. I also try to hit a quilt show at least once a month. There is nothing like new fabrics and great quilts to inspire creativity in me. And when I love them, I write about them. My posts about... Read more »

What if Quilt Shows were like Rock Concerts

I live in the Chicago area and our fair city just hosted a huge Rock Festival, Lollapalooza. This kind of festival is not something I care to attend, it’s just not my thing. While I was reading the run down of conditions I had to wonder, what if Quilt Shows were like Rock Concerts? How... Read more »

Visiting the International Quilt Festival Chicago

Yay!  The fun is beginning.  Olivia posted this picture to her FB page and tagged me in it to make all our friends jealous.
I can only make so many quilts and to satisfy my need to gaze upon their loveliness, I try to hit as many quilt shows as I can.  Visiting the International Quilt Festival in Chicago can be expensive, last time was when I bought my Longarm!  This time was double my fun as I went... Read more »

Tearoom + quilts = mandatory visit!

What do you think I said when I learned that blocks from my house the tearoom + quilts was available for lunch?  I said, get in the stroller, Zara, this is a mandatory visit!  It was a first for Zara but one of many visits for me, just the first time I had been there... Read more »