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Why not get married at a Quilt shop?

Church is great but look at workroom at Olive Juice Quilts in LaCrosse, WI. Perfect!
You can get married at Taco Bell. Yep, it’s true and you can read all about it here. That might be fine for those who really love Nachos Bell Grande but if I am going to get married in a store, it’s not going to be Taco Bell. Obviously the store to get married in is... Read more »

Quilt Shops on the coast of Maine

The minute we crossed into Maine we visited the Tourist Center where I found this terrific brochure. I showed it to a woman at our hotel and she added one to the list. What fun awaited me!
When I travel I like to try new foods, talk with people, learn about history and go to as many quilt shops as possible. This trip to Maine was no exception and since we drove, the sky was the limit! I visited a total of five stores and naturally, I bought something at each shop.... Read more »