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17 Top Notch Hey Girl Quilting Memes from the Internet

As you know, I love quilting memes. I create many of them but have never made one of the Hey Girl memes. Everyone else seemed to be making them, I could just sit back and enjoy them. If I enjoy something in the quilting world you know I share it. I laugh, I want you... Read more »

Summer laughs with a wrap up of Quilt memes

Quilt memes are fun for me to find, read and create. I post them once on my Facebook page and then maybe on Instagram or Twitter. I like them so much I want to play with them more. Hence this post of summer laughs with a wrap up of Quilt memes. How did I choose... Read more »

Hooray Quilt meme time again

No contest!
You knew a compilation of memes post was coming, right? I hear you saying, hooray quilt meme time again! I like memes, obviously, and I like being able to post them again. One time on my Facebook page is not enough. I hope you enjoy reading these as much as I enjoyed making them. This... Read more »

13 New quilt memes for your pleasure

I really do like this meme if I do say so myself!
I’ve been out of town seeing the Grand Canyon since last week. I decided to leave behind some new quilt memes for your pleasure. And, obviously, my convenience. It’s a win/win! I like to post a new “quilt funny” every day on my Facebook page. I try to be sweet, funny or cute. Sometimes I’m,... Read more »

Time for more quilt memes

Can you believe this picture?
It’s that time again! What time, you ask? Time for more quilt memes! Hooray! I make up quilt memes and post them on my Facebook page every day. I have fun doing it but I like to show off my favorites more than once. I post some on or Instagram Twitter occasionally which I enjoy.... Read more »

12 Quilt memes for your pleasure

I love this picture and other people seemed to also.
Quilting and sewing is more than needles and thread, it’s also giggles and laughs. To that end, I publish a meme or e-card every day on my blog page and then share the best with you. You’re very welcome! Here are 12 more quilt memes for your pleasure! Enjoy! Sew happy! Want to see what... Read more »

Quilt Memes time again

I went back to the cold of January to find this one. It's actually true for any bad weather!
Every day on my Facebook page I post either a quilt meme or an ecard that I have created. Sometimes I watch a movie, read an article or just see a picture and I get an idea for one. I love it when I can see a funny meme that has nothing to do with... Read more »

Yet Even More Quilt Memes

I love Downton Abbey and the Dowager, she's a hoot. You can see Memes with her all over the internet. Secretly, I think she likes quilting. Shhh, it would ruin her rep!
It’s Friday, let’s have some funnies. I make a different “quilt funny” every day and post it on my Facebook page. Sometimes they are e-cards and I posted a gallery of those last Friday. This Friday, you guessed it, are my memes. I started off with the same meme pictures everyone else was using a... Read more »

Even more Quilt Meme Favorites

I particularly like this because it's an analog clock. When I teach time in Spanish, analog clocks give the digital generation some problems.
Quilt memes are fun, they just are. I like to make them which you have noticed if you’ve liked my Facebook page. Once I’ve made them and published them there, then what? Should I just let them languish without any attention? Nope! I publish them every so often in a photo gallery right here on... Read more »

More Quilt Memes

I feel this way a lot!
I know, I’ve published before galleries of Quilt memes. But admit it, you loved them, me too. You want More Quilt Memes? Here they are! I had to admit that I see the world from a Quilt meme perspective now. I watch a show, see a movie or see a non quilt meme and I... Read more »
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