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Even More quilt e cards

I bet this would be fun. Ha ha!
I enjoy writing about quilts and I enjoy laughing about the whole process as well. On my Facebook page I post a “quilt funny” every day. Some are definitely funnier than others but I have a great time trying to think of new ways to smile along with my sewing and quilting. Quilters are happy... Read more »

Quilt ecards are fun

Variety is the spice of life.
Addictions are funny things, some just creep up on you and suddenly you realize you’re hooked.rds. Such was the case with Quilt ecards and me. I started making them to have something to post on my page. Then I would think about ones I wanted to make. Yep, I was hooked. Why? Because Quilt ecards... Read more »

More Quilt e-cards

This one is based in my own life!
We all have hobbies, mine include sewing, quilting and e-card making. Yep, I am quite the addict. I started making them to bring people to my Facebook page and now I can’t stop. I used to just make them and send them out into the universe. When I would see them out in the universe,... Read more »