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Quilting books that never got published

I thought it would be a best seller!
I just haven’t had any luck with publishers and my quilting books. It might be because I have never written one or tried. I’ve heard it’s hard to get a book on the market if you haven’t created one. I guess I am afraid my book would end up like these, on the slag heap... Read more »

8 Quilt Books that Need to be Written

I love books of all kinds. I belong to book clubs and read every single day. I also collect quilting and sewing books and use them for motivation and inspiration. But quite frankly, there are books missing from the library, let alone my collection. I’ve figured out what they are. Now some I need some... Read more »

Quilt books for Children

Chase, a 6 year old boy, is the hero of this story. It is cute and I think you could start reading it once a child is about two and won't rip the pages. The quilt is the other hero of the story plus imagination. I just bought this, no problem getting a copy.
This post just needs some dessert and it would be all of my favorite things rolled into one. Do I love quilts? YES! Do I love reading? YES! And do I love children, oh YES I do! But it all together and what do you have? Quilt books for Children, sigh of contentment. I love... Read more »

Quilt books are essential for a Quilter

Most of my quilting life I have been a solitary sewer.  I worked full time, had kids and so I couldn’t go to Guilds, conventions or workshops.  I would get to classes for inspiration and I would buy books, gobs and gobs of books.  Books and I have a lifelong relationship, they are marvelous companions. ... Read more »