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Peacock Heart Quilt Top is Finished

This is the 3rd part of this series and I am thrilled that the Peacock Heart Quilt Top is finished. It’s a good feeling to get to this point. I now have 3 quilt tops done and sitting in my sewing studio but I KNOW I will quilt this one first. Let’s recap the progress.... Read more »

Heart Quilt tutorial part two

I am making a heart quilt for my new grandson who was born a few days ago, YAY! I realize the quilt isn’t done yet but he doesn’t seem to mind. If you are making the quilt along with me, this is the second part. If you would like to speed ahead on your own,... Read more »

Sewing a heart quilt - part one

This will be a multiple post tutorial for sewing your very own heart quilt. I have been making these quilts for decades so the pattern is fairly old school. I could maybe figure out a more clever and streamlined way to cut and make these hearts if I had a day with no one even... Read more »

Blackhawk Love Quilt - my 100th quilt

Remember the heart quilt?  Now it is the Blackhawk Love Quilt.  And remember how it was for me? Now it is my husband’s.  But I am getting ahead of myself, I often do when writing about quilts, I just get pretty darn excited.  I have written about the heart quilt three times, check out the... Read more »

Borders make the difference

Borders can make all the difference in a quilt top which just doesn’t seem right.  My heart quilt was way too “hot” – it just seemed so extreme once I put the heart blocks with the black and red lattice/cornerstones.  Do you remember the heart blocks?  They were featured in this blog.  Then I showed... Read more »

Red Heart Quilt - Assembling the top

We have our 12 heart squares.  Next up, the fabric for the lattice work and cornerstones.
It is exciting to start assembling the top once the blocks are done.  I had to control myself on this one because I don’t know exactly what happened but I swear, no two blocks were the same size.  I got my new Bernina in the middle of this project so I will blame that for... Read more »

Thomas Train Engine apron complete, back to Quilts

It is rather enjoyable to make a quick project and they don’t get much quicker than a child’s apron. That cutie is all finished, I just have to mail it off. I have a fair amount of scraps which I am hanging onto but I can’t imagine when I will use them. This is the... Read more »

Baby's heart quilt top is DONE!

Yay! I finished all the hearts, got them all put together and added the borders. I am working on the back, then I guess I will quilt it on the Gladys, the Gammill long arm. There is a huge part of me that would LOVE to hand quilt it. My right wrist would probably fall... Read more »

Heart blocks done!

I have been super motivated to sew this baby quilt! I want to get to the fun part, seeing the quilt come together and getting to quilt it. I also am feeling a bit of pressure, December 16 is fast approaching. But first I had to finish putting those 1 1/2″ squares on the second... Read more »

Small heart quilt - yellow and grey

I have a quilting buddy who has been my friend since High School, Laurie is her name and she shared a pattern with me for making a pieced small heart quilt many years ago. I adored it then and I adore it now! I have made so many versions of it, you’ve already seen the... Read more »