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Halloween costume fail?

I often have fantasies of how things will be, taste or turn out. Over the years I sometimes  lower my expectations so I won’t be disappointed. But for Zara’s Halloween costume, I thought it would be a joy to make, a pleasure for her and possibly win costume of the year. I am here to... Read more »

Sewing and reusing Halloween costumes

As much as I loved sewing Halloween costumes for my kids, there was that part of me from the 1950’s that wanted to resuse those costumes.  I am sure my Mom installed that hand me down fever in my brain.  Some costumes did get reused, by my friends or my nephew and some went from... Read more »

Halloween quilting and sewing

It is the middle of October and time to put the Halloween quilt up. It is cute and I like it very much.  I made it about ten years ago and even lightly hand quilted it.  The most fun was buying the Halloween fabrics.  It always make me a bit sentimental about sewing around Halloween... Read more »