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Even More quilt e cards

I bet this would be fun. Ha ha!
I enjoy writing about quilts and I enjoy laughing about the whole process as well. On my Facebook page I post a “quilt funny” every day. Some are definitely funnier than others but I have a great time trying to think of new ways to smile along with my sewing and quilting. Quilters are happy... Read more »

More Quilt e-cards

This one is based in my own life!
We all have hobbies, mine include sewing, quilting and e-card making. Yep, I am quite the addict. I started making them to bring people to my Facebook page and now I can’t stop. I used to just make them and send them out into the universe. When I would see them out in the universe,... Read more »

Quilt e-cards

My feelings exactly!
I adore sewing and quilting and I think they are the best possible hobbies.  (I am sorry for those of you with other hobbies but it’s true!)  However, I fear that not everyone agrees with me.  Shocking, I know!  I’ve decided to make it my personal crusade to make sewing’s reputation cool.  I mentioned this... Read more »