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4 Month Milestone bib - a DIY project

A 4 month milestone bib marks a big event in a baby’s life, I know it did in the baby in our life!  Zara is 4 months old and she can hold her head up, sortof turn over, loves her feet and drools like a champ! To make your own 4 month milestone bib all... Read more »

3 month baby milestone - mark it with a bib! A DIY project

Babies change so fast and before you know it, that cute helpless infant will be rolling her eyes at you as she flounces out of the room.   (Not that my children ever did that, nope, they were way snottier!)   You need to mark, celebrate and archive the baby milestones when they are crawling... Read more »

Bib for second month of Baby's first year

I am having a lot of fun making the bibs for Zara’s first year.  My daughter loves to post the pictures on Facebook so I will not post them here until after she has done that.  At the very end of the year I think it would be fun to post a final blog with... Read more »

How to make a bib for first year month markers

I like sewing things and I like making things that are just a little different or why else bother making it yourself?   I love making items for my granddaughter and I noticed those monthly photos on Facebook.  Everyone seemed to have the same month stickers from Etsy which are cute but why not mix it... Read more »