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Christmas quilt is finished - it's a Christmas miracle

I did it, the Christmas quilt is finished. I bet Henry will be so excited or maybe he will think, “What took you so long, Grandma?”In my defense, I am finally feeling better now and that cold is what slowed me down. That and some procrastination along the way. The important thing is that this... Read more »

How to complete a top for a Christmas quilt

A few weeks ago I published a post on how to start a Christmas quilt. In my head I would then zip through it, publish a top post and then the whole quilt post. I was thinking a week, tops. Or 5 weeks, yikes! But here I am finally with a how to complete a top... Read more »

How to start a Christmas Quilt

I’ve decided that two projects going on at the same time is the way to go. If it works out, I may even add in a third one. I can only make so many tooth fairy pillows at a time. I decided to make a Christmas quilt for Henry and make it up as I... Read more »

Christmas Quilts I have made

My first and still one of my favorites. I had just learned to quilt with a sampler so I made another sampler. It is hand quilted and my daughter has it in her home.  You can see her little face trying to get in the picture if you look at the top. I love that!
I like green and red and so making Christmas quilts is just a given for me. Over the 30 years I’ve been quilting I have made 16 of them but some are the same pattern so there are only 10 quilts in this album. Only five still live with me and two of them I... Read more »

DIY One week Christmas quilt

Remember the Christmas quilt I started cutting out last Wednesday? I think we can call it the DIY One week Christmas quilt because I finished it tonight. I worked on it 7 nights and if I had sewn more in the days, I could have finished it sooner. A week is pretty darn fast however! ... Read more »