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Car quilt sticker is in place

Remember when I wrote about celebrating Quilting like we do marathons? What? You missed that one? No worries, just click here. All caught up now, great! I am writing to let you know that I am a quilter of her word. My car quilt sticker is in place and looks terrific. I love it! I... Read more »

Making a quilt should be celebrated like running a marathon

In my family there are numerous runners.  I was briefly one of them but it just isn’t in my arsenal of talents and interests. Multiple relatives have finished marathons, a cool achievement. I have cheered them on and liked their pictures on Facebook. In my family there is only one person who has made a... Read more »

10 Quilt Bumper Stickers I would buy

I love my car and its cute blue exterior. I have license plate holders which show my pride in being Irish and being an Illini. Besides my license plate itself, I wish I could show my quilty love in another way on my vehicle. I contemplated this dilemma and came up with an idea. How... Read more »