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Snaps are the best closure for homemade bibs

I make bibs, lots of bibs. Many other people do, I see them on Pinterest and on other blogs. I love the colors and cool ideas but when I see Velcro closings or tie strings I feel for the Mom. I started out with both of those ways to close a bib. I learned the... Read more »

Frugal or spendthrift quilter? Yes

I love to buy fabric, love it. My idea of a great day is to go to a fabric store and just roll around in the fabrics. I like to buy a bunch for a project or maybe just a random piece that I happen to like. I would say that in general, I am... Read more »

12 months of bibs

Bibs for December can be almost any festive print. An easy way to make them fun is to just cut across, sew in a strip and trim to the original shape. As Z didn't have a milestone bib for December I thought I would just start with fun Christmas bibs.
I don’t know if you have heard me mention it but I have a baby granddaughter? Oh, you’ve read one or 57 references to her? Fine, I am guilty as charged, I do love her and write about her. I also make her bibs. I’ve been making her one each month to mark her new... Read more »

DIY 1st birthday sewing

What is more fun than a baby turning one year old? Sewing for it! If you have a baby in your life who is turning one year old then there are lots of clever ways you can carry out the bday theme in colorful items that you make yourself. I loved sewing for baby Z’s... Read more »

10 month milestone marker bib - DIY

This is my tenth post in this ongoing bib series and I just love them all. I only have two more left to go so I better enjoy each one.  OK, I will! This being my tenth, it is naturally the 10 month milestone marker bib that I am debuting tonight.  I won’t give you... Read more »

9 month milestone bib - DIY project

My granddaughter is 9 months old in the 9th month of the year.  Every month my daughter takes pictures of her on the milestone day and shares them with family and friends via Facebook.  I had been on Facebook a while before I noticed this trend.  Then I saw that the Moms used stickers on... Read more »

8 month summer bib

I love writing this series of blog entries.  Each month I make baby Z a new bib to wear to celebrate her reaching a milestone in her first year.  It’s so much fun to think of what the perfect fabric would be for that month, what my theme will be.  For August I have designed... Read more »

4th of July bib - DIY

It’s fun to dress up for holidays and even more fun to make a baby look festive, am I right?  You lucky readers who have been following this blog know that every month around this time there’s a new bib to mark a month milestone.  This month is the 7th and what else happens in... Read more »

6 month milestone bib

Six months is a big milestone in the life of a baby.  Half a year makes a big difference for a newborn.  Each month has been a milestone in Zara’s life and I’ve made a bib for each one.  It was fun to plan this month’s and know that I am halfway through making her... Read more »

Cinco de Mayo bib - #5 milestone plus more

Cinco de Mayo is a great fiesta here in the United States celebrating the victory by Mexico at the battle of Puebla over the French!  Now most people don’t even think about the history but hey, this blog is written by a Spanish teacher so I had to start with that.  How does a baby... Read more »