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I've learned to calm down when immediate sewing interrupts my planned projects

I’ve learned to calm down when immediate sewing interrupts my planned projects. I used to get frustrated as I can get pretty focused on my self imposed deadlines. I love juggling sewing projects. I am very satisfied to have one quilt I am piecing, another I am quilting and a third endeavor being cut out. I... Read more »

8 Ways to say I love you to a Quilter

Wondering what to say to a quilter this Valentine’s day? You are in luck, I have your back. Here are 8 ways to say I love you to a quilter this Valentine’s day. Or print all of them off, your choice! Don’t forget to combine this with thread! That’s love for sure! We should all... Read more »

DIY How to sew your own Valentines tutorial

For Christmas I received a simple and elegant Christmas card. It was a tree sewn onto card stock. I was very inspired by this holiday greeting. I decided I would follow her beautiful lead on Valentine’s day. I just made 3 of them in about a half an hour so I am ready to share.... Read more »

Modern ombre table runner in one day tutorial

Tomatoes are red, but it just doesn't say Valentine's  day to me!
Valentine’s day is fast approaching so I put out my red kitchen linens. Meh, the flip side of the Italian table runner didn’t quite cut it. I decided I needed a new one and I needed it fast. Really fast! I just happened to have a super cool collection of fat quarter solids that I... Read more »

What if Quilters wrote Valentine Candy Hearts

I like cards, particularly Valentine’s Day cards. I sent out a bunch to my family and a few friends. I have two to give my husband! In the mail, I have gotten some in return. My favorite so far was a funny one that said at the top “What if Women wrote candy hearts?” Below... Read more »

DIY Valentine Small Quilt Tutorial

I put a different quilt on my condo door each month, sometimes two. For a couple of years, I haven’t been thrilled with my February/Valentine’s day quilt. I made it 15 years ago and it looks it. It has sparkles on the fabric and scraps from my 33 year old daughter’s first twin sized quilt.... Read more »

10 Goofy Quilter Valentines that will Make you Laugh

Too mean? It's just a joke, for real!
I saw a bunch of sarcastic and even some mean Valentines today on Facebook. People posted them as jokes and I have to tell you, they made me laugh. When I laugh I always think, wait, could I turn this into something fun to post on my blog. Short Answer? Yes! I spent some time... Read more »

I hate Shopping at Malls

I used to LOVE to shop. I even closed a few malls, not bars, not clubs but malls. I loved walking around, seeing stuff, buying things that I shouldn’t and most of all a bargain. I shopped with girlfriends, my Mom, my sister and my children. I am not sure when it all changed but... Read more »

14 nearly free Valentine's Gifts

Start the day off by laying out a brand new red toothbrush and a little love note.
February 14th is a day all about love. I hope you have someone to love, someone to whom you will give a Valentine. But what if you want to give more than a card and are lacking funds? Perfect! Because gifts of love are not about money, they are about showing how much you care,... Read more »

How to make a heart quilt

This is the latest heart quilt I've made, it is a baby quilt for my granddaughter. I was shocked when Emily wanted yellow and grey and now I just love it.
I have made sew many heart quilts in my life that I don’t even think I have pictures of all of them. I loved a particular pattern so much that I made it over and over again. It’s a traditional pieced heart that you can download by clicking here. (I just corrected the pattern at... Read more »
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