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BOM blocks were finally used to make a quilt top

In 2010 I signed up for what seemed like an interesting and fun several year Bock Of the Month project. Each month I picked up 4 baggies with directions and fabrics for 4 blocks. These blocks were 6 inches finished, surely I could sew those small blocks easily and for a while, I did. Then... Read more »

Marie Webster Exhibit at the Indianapolis Museum of Art is spectacular

I love when a show is full of beautiful and useful signage. This one had it in spades.
Yesterday I talked about our first glorious day visiting Indianapolis. Did you lust after my fabric? I know! It’s fabulous. I just got done washing, drying and folding it all so I have really been able to savor it all. Now how about 3 posts on the second day, you ready? On Sunday we wanted... Read more »

Guess the age of the Quilt decorated Hudson car

Here I am standing by my favorite car. I am a 1953 model! Keep going for the car quiz.
My husband loves cars and I love quilts. He is super about bringing me to quilt shows around the country but rarely comes in. The show which gets him out of the car and in line for a ticket is the Shipshewana Quilt Festival held each June. Why? (good question) Because event center includes the... Read more »

Quilter husband transitioned to a Quilter

As a group, I find that quilters are advocates for their art and love nothing better than to motivate another person to become a quilter. For example, I am trying like mad to get my granddaughter to love quilting and become a quilter in the future. She’s 2 so we have some time! Other quilters... Read more »

A visit to the textile exhibit in the Shelburne museum

Just one of the 38 beautiful buildings on 45 acres. It is a museum you could visit every weekend, there is so much to see.
I have wanted to see quilts in the Shelburne museum for a very long time. 30 years ago I was lucky enough to visit Vermont but I didn’t get as far north as Burlington. When I learned what I had missed there I was crestfallen. I vowed to go on a visit to the textile... Read more »

Sewing a heart quilt - part one

This will be a multiple post tutorial for sewing your very own heart quilt. I have been making these quilts for decades so the pattern is fairly old school. I could maybe figure out a more clever and streamlined way to cut and make these hearts if I had a day with no one even... Read more »

How to go from Blocks to a quilt top - the No Dragons on my Quilt Top is finished

When last we saw the Dragon quilt there were 12 blocks FINALLY finished.
When I make a modern quilt, I can’t predict how I will piece it. I improvise and figure it out as I go along. But if I have blocks and I am making a traditional quilt with sashing and cornerstones, I follow the same method. If you look through the gallery it will show you... Read more »

What is a Modern Traditionalist quilter?

I call myself a Modern Traditionalist quilter both in my head and on my Facebook page. Recently someone asked me, “What is a modern traditionalist quilter?” I glibly answered, Uh, I dunno. Or something to that effect. So naturally I’ve been pondering this question. I did some research. Here is the definition from the Modern... Read more »

Overview of Chicago International Quilt Festival 2015

Every year I see the same sign and I am excited.
I love going to quilt shows, big or small. I think there are fewer big shows and they can be expensive to attend. I had a grand time at Quiltcon but it also cost me a pretty penny. (Worth every cent!) There are many reasons why I love living near Chicago and one of them... Read more »

Save or donate Blocks of the Month

I read a blog post sometime this summer which showed the contents of a fabric stash being distributed by a quilter’s family. It admonished us to use the fabric, sew and enjoy rather than just stockpile. It inspired me to pare down some of what I have stashed away. If I am not going to... Read more »