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DIY Fabric Tea Bag Tutorial

I am a tea lover and drinker. We even have a little Hadley mug so Zara can drink “hot tea” with us. (Lukewarm water which saw a tea bag for 5 seconds.) Zara also loves tea sets, she has 3 right now. And if you have three, surely you need a fourth, correct?  We bought... Read more »

DIY Doll Cradle bedding tutorial

My Granddaughter is one year old and the proud owner of a couple of baby dolls. Well, proud might be pushing it. She tolerates them. Her Dad was using the tag blanket to cover up her babies when a light went off in my head. Didn’t Emily have a cradle that we had kept? I... Read more »

DIY - Fabric alphabet toy letters done

Here they are, all 26 of them. Yes, I know they did take a while. I took a break. A long break!
I did a tutorial on how to make these DIY – Fabric alphabet toy letters in June. June! I had about 4 letters done and I promised that I would post when the rest were complete. I was pretty sure this would be a matter of weeks. Or months! However, these letters were worth the... Read more »

DIY Tag blanket for baby tutorial

I keep a list of projects I want to sew next to my bed. It’s not because I will forget them because I am forgetful, it’s so I have the satisfaction of checking them off when they’re done. Fine, maybe I am a little big forgetful. What is the post about? Oh yes, sewing projects... Read more »

Making a Dinosaur in Space

What did you make last Sunday? Anything from scraps laying around, oh say, your space station? No? Me either but Karen Nyberg has been making a dinosaur in Space. Yep, a green one. She made this cutie for her son and posted it to Pinterest. What’s that, you have yet to post a pic to... Read more »

Vintage Sewn Toys - retro and safe

Toys.  I just like the sound of the word.  It evokes a time of fun and innocence and I love seeing a child enjoy a toy.  As my own girls have grown up I have become more aware of the dangers that can lurk around the edges of the toy world.  Small parts, toxic paints... Read more »